Clean energy standard will grow in New York declare Andrew Cuomo, benefits, road map and everything you need to know

Growing climate change is one of the hottest topics for the world. Changing climate has always been on top of the headlines and is genuinely a matter of great concern. New York City has come up with grand plans to cope with increasing global warming and pollution. The idea is to bring more renewable resources in place of non-renewable resources. Andrew Cuomo the American political and current or 56th governor of New York stated that by 2030 New York will run on 70% of energy which comes from a renewable source. The road map for clean energy standards has already been created. Let’s more detailed information about this.

The road map: Clean energy standard

The New York State Public Service Commission has come out with a way that leads to a new clean energy source. The PSC is in action and has laid down an act called Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act shortly known as (CLCPA). The prime motto of the act is to generate 70% of New York energy from a clean energy source around 2030, and the target is to make New York free from none renewable source by 2040. Wind power will play a vital role in this.

Andrew Cuomo remarks: Clean energy standard

Andrew Cuomo makes a strong statement regarding this project. He stated New City could not effort to just involve in fights for climate change. The time has come to take strict action the lead the project. Strict action should be taken to protect the world from advancing global warming. Cuomo further stated that he is enlarging the clean energy standards to enlarge its renewable resource power. Andrew Cuomo also focused on the thing that the act will provide new clean employment to the New Yorkers apart from this; the act will also be an addition to the economy.

Outcome and fund: Clean energy standard

As already mentioned that clean energy standard would reduce dependency on non-renewable resources to 30 percent by 2030, and it will become almost zero by the year 2040. One of the ideas is to use the winds and increase the capacity from 2400 megawatt in 2030 to 9000 megawatt by the year 2040. According to an estimated 70 million dollars has been arranged to fund clean energy standards.

Benefits of these project: Clean energy standard

Apart from the economic benefits that most of the project delivers, the act will be useful for our environment. If we are not able to give a healthy generation, all these advancements and technology will just go vain. Such type of act will full fill this aspect. This clean energy standard will help to slow down the carbon emission and hence allows us to reduce air pollution. The fossil fuel will keep new help mother earth to regenerate itself. The low carbon emissions will make New York a better place and attack new developments and investments. With a clean environment, the people would lead a healthy life with a better immune system make them face viruses like corona more effectively.

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