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Trails of Mana is back with update 1.10 added many new feature increased difficulty check every detail about it.

Trail of Mana is Japanese gameplay is considered to a sequel of 1993 ” Secret of Mana”. The game was made available from 1995. The whole concept of the game is based on fantasy, three superheroes empowered with the Mana Sword have responsibility on their shoulder to protect the world from the evils. There are more six crucial characters in the game, allowing game lover the variety which was lagging in most of the games. The game again standfirst in the headlines of game genre because of its updated version of itself. The developer and the publishers of the game square have given 1.10 update. Let’s check every detail about it.

Latest update 1.10: Trails of Mana

The makers of the game Trails of Mana has already given the latest updates of the game. The announcement was made in September. As expected, the new update is supposed to give a better playing experience to the user but also adds many interesting features in it. In an interview, the Square said they are planning to have a no future level which is supposed to the most challenging level. However, there could be many graphics and other changes associated with the updates.

No future super severe level: Trails of Mana

As already stated the update include No future super tricky level. The update will make enemies and bosses much strong and very difficult to defeat. Many abilities of the hero is reduced, making the enemy more powerful, the animation and the weapons used during the fight count less than earlier; it has been making down to count three. The booses are now more powerful, and it will take much more effort than usual to defeat them. For some of the bosses attack range, time range had been reduced. To make things more interesting, new chain abilities are being added. It does not like the power of the gamer is diminished, but many more challenges are introduced.

New features added: Trails of Mana

As usual, every update adds many new and exciting features to the game. This case is also not so different the 1.10 update of the Trails of Mana contains some new features too. One feature already mentioned above the extra difficulties added to the game. One good thing the company had done is to make the animation, credits skippable. This will provide additional ease to the user and help the game starts more faster. To grab more attraction and make the user interest on the game, many costumes have been added. With all these exciting features one small one is a goddess status is added to the map. With all these, the game has become even better than it’s an earlier version.

Review after update: Trails of Mana

Of course, with the new update, the game has grown better and can reactive many positive reviews for itself. Fantastic, mindblowing, super are some world used by the fans of the trail of mana. Altogether the new version of the game has proved too successful for Square.

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