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Syd and Shea house designing company on a boom couple back with show on Netflix “Dream House Makeover”.

A couple from the western United States, Utah is busy in giving shapes to dream house for their clients. The story has slowly moved to Netflix, in the form of a series entitled as ” Dream House Makeover”. The couple Syd and Shea McGee has come down to the house designing business and are among one of the most leading house designers in the United States. Their small family includes the couple and two small daughters, Wren and Ivy. Syd and Shea are not straight into the business; the order follows when Shea started posting videos and pic of her house, which she designs. She started posting the stuff on social media. Slowly things grew good for her, and her art was appreciated. Their show ” Dream House Makeover”  on Netflix has recently grabbed the headlines.

Dream House Makeover on Netflix: Syd and Shea

The McGee stated that they were not interested in a television show. Video, pictures of the couple owned the house was growing popularity on social media. Soon the couple started getting the orders from friends and neighbours. The couple made the shot video for television shows. Eventually, they decided to send their stuff to Netflix for a proper program. McGee’s stated that it was decided that their debut show only on Netflix. The show would be no different from many house designing shows, with a couple getting orders from another part of the country.

The plot of Dream House Makeover: Syd and Shea

As already discussed above the show would not be much different from the other house designing shows. Dream House Makeover is expected to broadcast once in a week. The couple would get a big order from one of their wealthy clients. It would be a massive budgeted project which includes a vast mansion. The show shall also feature a full team for reconstruction. A brief part would also be based on the work progress. The design and pictures of the house interior would be a mystery for the house owner. Of course, there would be suspense that the owner would appreciate the work or not. The end part may include slow unfolding of a different part of the house. The owner most probably would be happy with the project and will greet the couple for their hard work.

The journey of the home design company: Syd and Shea

As the journey started with their home designing. Friends and neighbours appreciate the work. Syd and Shea slowing become popular in social media and were getting more projects. With a growing project, there was a strong possibility of a company, and the same happens. Syd and Shea also received orders from different part of the world. Their blogs were becoming popular on social media. House designing was not the prime business for the family. They previously run a studio named McGee and McGee & Co. The new location is handled by the Syd McGee and is the CEO of the company. The couple has high expectation from it.

Review of the show: Syd and Shea

Although the show is still to come but has success full made positive headlines, the viewers are interested in the front and want to see the acting skills of the couple. While Syd and Shea said, they have dreamed of giving everyone their dream house whether they have 2 million dollars or 20000 dollars. There are high expectations for the show.

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