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Star Wars Daisy Ridley’s Rey was actually named Winkie in sequels, the latest book revealed, related news and updates.

Many of our Sci-fi movies rely on stories from some fantabulous works of writers and creators. When we go back to the ’70s, the trend of comic books and cartoons was exceptional. The comic books trend runs even today and many participation in auctions to grab their favourite comic books. Cartoonists were highly entertained and respected during the era or comics. The age of comics gradually dropped when movies and series attracted the crowd. Yet, many of them prefer to read comic books at least after watching the film. Star wars are one of the most favourite movie and comic book series of all the times. It even excites the present generation of children to watch and read books. It created a trademark to the genre of sci-fi movies and books. We have a new update that the character Rey was called Winkie in the sequels.

Star Wars:

Star Wars holds the Guinness World Record for the most successful film franchise, which is an outstanding achievement. George Lucas created Star Wars with his book. The book stood out as the most prominently sold sci-fi books of all time to date. Star Wars even today earns about some million dollars for its views. The first edition of Star Wars came out in 1987, and the legacy continues even today. Many fans eagerly wait for the auctions on books and movie tickets of Star Wars and buy them at the earliest. The success of the movies and comic books lead to the creation of video games, and even they hit the market with the highest success rate. Even today, students play the star wars video games and enjoy them. There is no other sci-fi movie set to beat the legacy of star wars.

Daisy Ridley in Star Wars: 

Daisy Ridley entered the franchise of Star Wars in 2015 with the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Ridley acted in the character of Rey Skywalker and gained critical acclimations from the audience. The skywalker returned in further sequels of star wars like The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. Rey did a terrific job with her role and entertained a great crowd of the audience through the movie. The franchise rose to another level with Rey’s role.

Rey as Winkie according to the newest book:

George Lucas, the person, known for creating the magical Star Wars, named the character Rey as Winkie initially.  It is an unknown fact about the Star Wars. The news of Winkie came out when Pablo announced the release of his new book containing the sequels of Star Wars. Pablo Hidalgo pens this new edition of the book. Lucas imagined Rey as the 14 years old young girl who desperately wants to become the Jedi Knight. The new book will contain all the lesser-known facts about the Star Wars franchise and will be a great delight to all the star wars lovers to watch this. 

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