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Ringsssss publish false news about the death of famous actor Dustin Diamond which goes viral breaking every fan’s heart.

The famous American actor, musician, stand up comedian and director Dustin Neil Diamond is still renowned for his role as Samuel Screech Powers. He started his career as a child artist in the television show Saved by the Bell. The series went on for 13 years having Diamond playing his unique role. The 43-year-old actor has always maintained to be in the headlines. Either because of his tremendous acting skills or because of some controversies having him in. It is indeed true that the actor has a huge fan following for some of his mind-blowing roles in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star and in Made. He also did several shows including Celebrity Boxing 2 and Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling and much more.

Personal Life: Ringsssss announces the death of Diamond

Diamond started his career at a very young age being a child artist, and he is currently staying in Port Washington, Wisconsin. The 43-year-old actor was born in a Jewish Family and attended the Zion Lutheran School. The beloved comedian married Jennifer Misner in 2009. However, one of the most shipped couples got separated later. The actor was once going through a terrible phase of life and caught up in a series of cases. He went bankrupt in the year 2001. After five years when he appeared on the show of Howard Stern, he asked the viewers to support his website to avoid foreclosure on his house.

After eight years in December 2014, the actor got arrested with the allegation of carrying a switchblade knife. According to the reports, the famous musician pulled it out, eventually stabbed a man nearby. The very next year, he got involved in another case. The case was for carrying a weapon and disorderly conduct which became a huge issue. The same year on June 25 the actor got sent behind bars for four months. He only served for three months. His probation agent exclaimed his violation, and again in 2016, he got arrested.

Fake death news: Ringsssss announces the death of Diamond

Ringsssss is a website which usually posts self-made stories. It may be on any famous personalities, or sometimes just for fun, they modify a famous story revolving around in the industry. Similarly, the latest post made by the website went wildly viral, which led to a lot of confusion. As the famous comedian has always had issues with the law and government, he had been behind bars several times. The website modified story. The overall article claimed Diamond to be dead in jail at the age of 43-year. The article got created only for satirical content, but the fans took it very seriously for sure.

Fans reactions: Ringsssss announces the death of Diamond

No doubt, the actor is very famous. Thus, a screenshot of the article by Ringsssss got circulated in several social media platforms. Many people seriously considered fake news. Fans started expressing their condolences and sharing the news more at a broader range. The comments section got filled with comments like “RIP Diamond” whereas some got left all confused. However, the truth is out now, but still, many fans were left heartbroken with the news.

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