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Nelly will appear on the Budweiser cans by Anheuser-Busch as a tribute to his album Country Grammar!

The American rapper and an occasional actor Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., is also famously called by his stage name Nelly. The 45-year-old rapper started his career with a Midwest hip hop group and ever since has been ruling every music lover’s heart. From group performances to solo Nelly has nailed his job for sure. His debut album Country Grammar was his first solo performance, which gained him a lot of fame. Country Grammar is his best selling album as per the records till today. Nelly has always maintained to be on the top in any chart-topping list. The award-winning singer also is an entrepreneur, and he owns his two clothing lines. They are named Vokal and Apple bottoms, respectively. Fans have spotted the famous hip hop singer in several movies playing a side role, including The Longest Yard.

20th anniversary: Budweiser launches cans with Nelly’s picture

The American-style pale larger or also known as pale golden beer presented by Anheuser-Busch is a well-renowned beer for its marketing tactics expending $449 million in 2012 in the United States for publicity. It has indeed been included always at the top of the list. It is known for its advertising tactics and now has a brand new idea. Nelly is indeed a superstar, and to incorporate the stars photo on the cans is a brilliant move by Anheuser-Busch. As mentioned before, the rapper’s first album, known as Country Grammar, will complete its 20 years soon, so Anheuser-Busch came up with this fantastic idea.

Lyrics on cans: Budweiser launches cans with Nelly’s picture

Budweiser decided to celebrate the occasion in their style, and thus they announced to add Nelly’s picture on the cans. Yes, a limited edition of the cans will be supplied by the brand on the 20th anniversary day. Sadly the cans will only be supplied in St. Louis and not in any other place. Well, the promotions and publicity of the cans have already begun at a wide range. Lucky people will get to enjoy the beer with their idol’s picture on it. One more fantastic thing that Budweiser decided to do is to add his famous line, “I’m from the Lou, and I’m proud.” The Country Grammar’s line is still so renowned among fans, and now you can get it on your favorite beer can. The news indeed is surprising for sure.

 Nelly’s reaction: Budweiser launches cans with Nelly’s picture

The cans will be available on 20th October, and fans cannot wait for the day for sure. When Nelly got asked about his views on the can with his image, he exclaimed that it was overwhelming. Anheuser-Busch being a big name, Nelly is happy that he got such a reward from the brand. The St. Louis residents indeed see positively of the brand, and Nelly gets very well known about its fame from the same place. While talking about it, he remembers his childhood trips to the Grant’s Farm. Also, he expressed his thinking about the picture by saying it was unique, and indeed the rapper is happy with how the cans turned out. All the can’s image itself, fans’ excitement increased, so cans’ selling will be a massive blast for sure.

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