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Lily Allen sings ‘f**k Tier Two’ as London has released new rules amidst the pandemic, related news and updates.

The current pandemic situation is the worst-hit catastrophe in the century—no one expected to sit at home for around 6months due to a virus. The Covid 19 has disturbed every family on this globe, and many have lost the most important person in their family. Many governments have framed their own rules to prevent the spread of this virus. Many businesses have closed their works and have left many of their worker’s unemployed. It is an unfortunate condition for any individual. Lately, the London government has announced new rules and regulations. The authorities have tired the public with their new powers and strict rules. Famous singer Lilly Allen has reacted to this with her song through Instagram stories.

Lily Allen:

Lily-Rose Beatrice Allen is a well-known name to the people of London. Lily came to this earth on 2nd May 1985. Lily is the daughter of famous star Keith Allen and Alison Owen. Lily always wanted to become a singer and thrived to achieve her goal. She dropped her college when she was 15years of age. Lily’s parents respected her decision and supported in all possible ways. It was a bit easy for Lily to get into the entertainment industry as her parents were already well-known personalities. Her career started in 2015 when she released one of her albums. Lily instantly rose to fame with her song and gained critical acclamations from around the globe. Lily is a singer cum songwriter. Lily likes to read books, and it is one of her hobbies. Fans can find a good collection of books and a mini-library in her house. Lily has written a few books also. Lily has won several awards and recognition throughout her career. Lily penned her autobiography and named it My Thoughts Exactly. The book sold over a few million copies and gained great commendation.

New rules in London:

London has divided the whole country into two tiers. Tier 1 has a low rate of cases, and level 2 has a medium amount of covid issues. The new rules state that people are not allowed to step in their neighbour’s house and spend time. Public gatherings have restricted to a crowd of 6 people. Even these six people have advised following the general rules of Covid 19. There are many more points under these new regulations.

Lily Allen’s song:

People of London have not legally received these rules. No one is satisfied with these rules. They find it unfair to have restrictions at one place and a few lesser conditions at the other site. The regulations don’t go well with the public interest. The work opportunities have opened up, and they tied up to sit in their houses. Star singer, Lily Allen reacted to these rules with her new song through Instagram. She sang a song called “F**k tier two”. Usually, the stars go against the government many times, but it is the first time that Lily is going against the government. The news went viral instantly, and the general public reacts in favour of her reaction. Click the below link to view more.

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Tear 2 crew 😢

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