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Justin Bieber will be the guest of the show Saturday Night Live hosted by Issa Rae.

The famous singer Justin Bieber who is also a songwriter needs no introduction as there is hardly anyone out there who has no idea about him. Starting from the age of 13, the singer started broadcasting his talents. When he turned 16, his famous song named Baby went so viral and still makes him one of the most highly paid singers today. Bieber has always hit the headlines with his singing and memorable concerts that he conducts worldwide. Talking about the famous American writer, actress, and producer Issa Rae is renowned for her roles in several web series and films. The actress gained a lot of attention in the series Awkward Black Girl and showed off her acting skills. The two personalities are indeed very influential, and seeing them together will be a blast for sure.

Studio 8H: Bieber and Issa spotted on Saturday Night Live

The renowned show Saturday Night Live, which is running for the past 46 years, will come back with another season now. Fan following of the show has always hit the top of the list of most beloved shows ever. The entire show will get developed on the famous stage of Studio 8H. The work has already started, and the host is ready with her upcoming guest too. Yes, we will see the famous actress Issa Rae along with the beloved singer Justin Bieber. The pair have their respective colossal fan following, and seeing them on this prestigious platform will be a dream come true for many. With set up on the studio and with all the backstage efforts, the show is again going to be a big hit, no doubt.

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The released promo: Bieber and Issa spotted on Saturday Night Live

Show makers exactly know how to catch their audience’s attention, and the promo proves it all. Bieber and Issa get spotted in the set, and both stunning looking personalities will do a great job indeed. We can see the 35-year old actress beginning the show by introducing herself. She announced that she would host the cherished show. The camera turned to Bieber, showing his excitement without expressing the huge smile he had before. The actress continues the talk by saying that she can not see the smile behind the mask. However, she feels his excitement regarding the show and his appearance.

Details of the show: Bieber and Issa spotted on Saturday Night Live.

Like the previous season, we will see the most trendy and beloved personalities in the show opening some new and unknown news about them. The show makers are clear about the safety measure to follow due to the pandemic period. The crew promised that every member is working on the set will take tests. All the guests and hosts will also go through the test. The test for the corona-virus will get taken every day of the shoot. Also, social distancing on the set will get maintained. The show makers assured that the number of people working on the set and cast members would be minimal. Although the show makers will need some crew members, the count is less than the previous seasons.

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