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Cameron Diaz responded playfully To fans discovering Nicole Richie is actually her sister-in-law, related news and updates.

This world has many incidents filled with mysteries of nature and several other mysteries. The most wondering secret is to find a counterpart of yourself. The concept of Doppelganger is such a mysterious concept that we find the exact opposite of ourselves. Many stars, after getting a guys fame get to meet their counterpart through their social media platforms. But it is scarce that we find a companion ourselves if we are not that famous on social media or any other platforms. Sometimes, people marry and find their counterpart in their husband’s or wives families. A similar situation is seen in Cameron Diaz’s life. Cameron Diaz and her sister-in-law Nicole Richie may look like twins;  this is what fans have claimed.

About Cameron Diaz:

Diaz is the most famous actor who appeared in most of the comedy genre shows and series. Diaz was born on 30th August 1972. Diaz had the will of becoming an actress right from her childhood. Since then she concentrated on her acting career and took up an acting course too. Diaz has appeared in most of the comic genres of the ’90s. Her comedy timing has attracted a considerable number of fans. Diaz has won many awards including Golden Globe nominations. It is difficult to get a golden globe nomination for a comedy genre actor, but amidst that, she has received around four nominations in Golden Globe awards. Diaz married Benji Madden in the year 2015.

About Nicole Richie: 

Nicole Richie is one of the most vibrant actresses of all times. Richie was born on 21st September 1981. Richie was a very bright student at her school. Richie used to top in her classes. Her dream was to become a successful actress. Nicole is a fashion designer by profession. Nicole got the first opportunity to act in a small series. Gradually she rose to become a familiar face on the television. The Simple Life was the changing point in her life. Her acting skills in the series lead her to bag some of the most successful shows. After being a successful actress, she even served a the judge at a reality show. The show was Making the Cut. Other than acting, she is into music also. Nicole is multi-talented, and it is evident with Nicole being into fashion, theatre and movies.

About Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie:

Fans may not know the relationship between Diaz and Richie. Diaz has married the twin brother of Nicole. Nicole married her longtime boyfriend, Joel Madden in 2010. Nicole introduced Diaz to her brother-in-law, Joel’s brother. Later Benji Madden, twin brother of Joel Madden and Diaz fell in love and decided to marry in 2015. After their marriage many of their fans we’re happy to see Diaz and Nicole in one family. Even today, fans comment stating Nicole and Diaz look like twin sisters. This news is no fresh news to anyone. These comments are flushing from the past a few years. But, Diaz has reacted to his news recently. Diaz has responded with a funny twin and comedy emoji through her Instagram account.

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