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Trivial Tidbits about Scream Franchise which will Fascinate you, Know about 12 of them in Detail.

The Scream movie series has a mysterious spoofy horror theme. The Wayans Bros created the screenplay of the movie along with Buddy Johnson and Phil Beauman. Keenen Ivory Wayans is the director of the first and the second instalment, David Zucker directed the third and fourth instalment. In contrast, Malcolm D. Lee directed the fifth instalment of the series. The first Scary movie released on 7 July 2000 and the fourth sequel released on 12 April 2013. The Scream franchise is something worth watching during Halloween and has the potential to become your all-time favourite horror movie too. We have got some exciting tidbits for Scary lovers and those who are planning to watch it. Get a close look at these trivial facts one by one.

1. The calling accidents:

The horror movie was, in fact, fun during the filming as there was always some kind of funny incident happening. During the filming of the opening scene of the first Scream movie, the prop master JP Jones forgot to unplug the telephone which made Drew Barrymore aka Casey to call the real 911. She made the calls quite a few times; I bet you find it as hilarious as I did.

2. The Blood:

We can never call a scary movie as so without bloodshed. Throughout the series, we saw a lot of blood in the film, and the first Scream movie had it worse. Try not to freak out, but the making of the first film used 50 gallons of blood (hopefully the fake one). Yes, I can feel nausea too.

3. Rose McGowan made some efforts:

Now one of the famous Charmed girls, Rose McGowan then played the role of Tatum. For her character, she especially dyed her hair in a pretty shade of Middle American Blonde. She told in an interview that as Neve Campbell had brown hairs and as per the rules of the film ” no two characters can have dark hair”, she dyed her hair even when she hated the blonde colour.

4. The cast member who did not watch the films:

Jennifer Jolie from the third Scream movie played by Parker Posey was the one who didn’t watch it even the first time. The actress stated that she was standing close to the exit door at the back of the theatre during the premiere. Later in an interview with TooFab, she told that she never watched the Scream movie 3. Do you find the film as scary as Posey? Tell me in the comments about how much scary you think the Scream is.

5. Sarah messed with the Ghostface:

The Ghostface in season 2 tormented a character named Cici throughout the film. But our dear Sarah Michelle Gellar aka Cici is not that timid she always messed with Roger L. Jackson aka Ghostface while not filming via phone call. Jackson was a secret cast member during the shooting period to make the acting of other cast members more genuine. So Sarah took her revenge on Jackson for tormenting her during the shoot by messing with him on call. She criticised him for scaring people and asked him why he does so and in a substantial but funny tone to which Jackson always replied her to save it for other time. Now, this is pretty ironic and hilarious too.

6. The most dreadful death:

Fans would remember how Jade Pinkett Smith, aka Jeryline, met her doom. The thing which is interesting here is the fact that Jade personally asked for a gruesome death of her character.  The director Wes Craven accepted the request and the rest we know. Indeed it was a horrific death. I bet that several of us get goosebumps during the scene.

7. Scream was initially Scary:

A year before the release a song named “Scream” by Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson came out which inspired the filmmakers to change the name of the series from Scary Movie to Scream. It is good that the name of the series got changed otherwise there would be a lot of confusion because of the other Scary parody film.

8. Sidney got her face after great work:

For the lead role several of the actresses we’re considered such as Melissa Joan Hart, Britanny Murphy, Tori Spelling and Reese Witherspoon. Drew Barrymore aka Casey was going to play Sidney, but due to some conflicts in schedule, she pulled out. At last, we got Neve Campbell, and she nailed it.

9. Stu’s dialogues:

Stu played by Matthew Lillard is a crazy murderer, but deep down we all agree that his lines were pretty hilarious. Later in an interview, with Digital Spy, we know that Matthew ad-libbed his dialogues.

10. The change in filling location:

The Woodsboro High School was supposed to get filmed in Santa Rosa High School of Santa Rosa, CA. The school pulled out as it did not want to be the filming location of a horror movie, so the director filmed the scenes in Sonoma Community Center of Sonoma, CA. We can say that the Wes Craven did not let go of the matter as he specially added a credit at the end of the movie, “not thanking” the school.

11. Cox and Arquette started Dating:

During the filming of the series, Courtney Cox and David Arquette began to date and eventually split up after marriage and a daughter. The co-star Rose McGowan told that she never expected them to have a romantic relationship while Jamie and Neve saw some sparks which Rose missed.

12. Wes Craven was unwilling to direct the movie:

The director Wen Craven refused to direct the film twice. Then the film was Scary Movie, and Wen found that the name had irreverence embodied in it. Later the film got renamed as Scary. So it looks like Wen got what he wanted even when he tried to ignore the horror theme, but he still gained a new name. Read one more article by me about the game Destiny 2 and stay tuned for further updates.