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Steve Martin sweeps the title for Best Costume while Halloween gets more Spooky, Know how our Favorite Stars dressed up

Here comes the spooky month of the year with it’s Halloween celebration and costumes. For kids, it is just a costume play with “tricks or treats”. Halloween is still not here yet, but we are witnessing some of our Hollywood celebrities already dressed in their spooky costumes and posting the pictures flooding the social media sites. So brace yourself to see how our favourite stars look in their Halloween outfits. At the same time know how smoothly Martin claimed the award for the best costume this year.

Stars and their families in their Halloween costume:

Let us cut the chase because it is almost impossible to resist the urge to see how our idols look when dressed up like some of the fanfics characters. Here is a list mentioning who is dressing up like whom.

  • Steve Martin shared a hilarious picture on his Twitter handle featuring the fly which sat on Mike Spence’s head for a few minutes without being noticed till it flew away. I will give you a more detailed description of his costume later as he is the one with the best costume.
  • The Kardashians showed up in a futuristic insect family for the upcoming Halloween. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West along with the four children dressed in a costume having insect-claws, antennas, wings and tails.
  • Shout out to all the Potterheads, here comes James Charles as none other than ” The Boy Who Lived”. Yes, you guessed right Charles dressed up as Harry Potter, and I must say that the makeup artist has no bounds. Can not agree more on the caption, “wingardium LeviOsa” on the Instagram post featuring Charles as Potter.
  • Hailie Jade Scott, Eminem’s 28-year-old daughter, looks stunning in Ariana Grande’s look. The high ponytail with cat-eye makeup and the oversized flannel dress completes the look. She posted a picture like this on her Instagram with a caption showing seven rings.
  • The couple, Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty hit the floor with a full-on Joker look. In the Instagram post, we can see Kenneth as The Joker while Nicki as Harley Quinn with a bounty caption.
  • The Campbells brought back our childhood nostalgia by dressing up as Scooby-Doo and the gang. David Campbell, his wife, Lisa Hewitt and their three kids Loe, Betty and Billy Campbell are looking utterly adorable in their Halloween costumes.

Steve Martin with his Halloween costume:

If you use Twitter, then you might have noticed the trending Halloween costume of Steve Martin. During last week’s vice presidential debate a fly landed on the head of the host, Mike Pence. This fly is now a star on Twitter as Steve Martin regarded it as his Halloween costume. Within minutes of the post, the Twitter users joined in to have some fun and make jokes about it. A various account named as Spence’s fly or other variation chimed in, and even the celebs had great fun with all this. With this hilarious and unique costume, Steve Martin won the Halloween so the rest can just stay at home and enjoy the Halloween dinner.

Halloween with all the treats and costume play it’s a real blockbuster. Do you guys celebrate Halloween? How are you going to dress up? Let me know all this via comments. If you liked this one, then check out one more article by me on Bobby Bone’s engagement.