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Samiel Asghedom sues Crips organization for using the trademark of the late rapper Nipsey Hussle

The late American rapper and entrepreneur Ermias Joseph Asghedom also renowned known by his stage name Nipsey Hussle is still ruling every fan’s heart for sure. The famous rapper began his career by producing several mixtapes, and his records have left a substantial fantastic impact on every music lover out there. He played a side role in the semi-autobiographical film named I Tried, and that was the beginning of his fantastic career. The beloved rapper passed away at the age of 33 when he got shot ten times to death. The incident occurred outside the parking lot of his Marathon store, and he is buried in Forest Lawn Memorial park now. Although the famous personality is no more, his voice still is alive, and fans have been positively supporting his founded Clothing Store.

The Marathon: Samiel sues Crips for copying the slogan.

Before his death, Hussle founded his agency and clothing line named Marathon Agency and the Marathon clothing store respectively. His partners in the clothing-line business are Carless, Civil, and Samiel Asghedom. Samuel is the brother of the late rapper, and he has been taking care of it along with other partners. His style of conducting business was, and even after his death still is eye-catching. The smart store that he launched allows the visitors to access the music and rap via an app he launched. Famous software engineer Iddris Sandu developed the app.

The Crips Company: Samiel sues Crips for copying the slogan.

Crip is a gang which is formed since 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams. They are one of the largest communities in the United States yet has more than 30,000 members in the gang. They are renowned for their rivalry with the opposite gang named Blood. The community got fame when many youngsters started joining them, making then one of the most violent gangs. The gang has its trademark and has got sued due to the slogan they were using currently.

Samiel Asghedom on the case: Samiel sues Crips for copying the slogan.

Hussle’s brother and business partner Samiel Asghedom filed a case and sued the gang of Crips. He claims that they are frequently using the slogan “ The Marathon Continues” in their trademark. Nipsey and his clothing-line have the right over the slogan, but still, Crips continued to use it. Hussle’s family still own several trademarks having Marathon in them, including their clothing store. According to estate Crips organization started their trademark in less than two months after Hussle died outside his clothing store.

It was not the first time that Crips used the trademark’s slogan for its use. After talking about the issue, they continued to use the trademark on their merch. In the beginning, the organization promised and apologized to Nispey’s family. They justified that they have a long time before using the slogan. Currently, the estate is expecting compensation for their damages. They also want the company by Crips to stop and remove the previously released merch with the same trademark as theirs. Nothing has concluded, and the action taken by the Crips is to be declared.

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