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Nicki Minaj had revealed the sex of her first baby, related news and all the updates.

The present lockdown scenario has given many young couples quality time to decide their family planning. Amidst the pandemic, many people are staying away from getting stressed and are enjoying a great time with their family. Although a few of them are suffering from mental depression and stress, there are a few who are spending time with their family. It is fortunate to see the positivity in the minds of people. We have seen many celebs getting married amidst the lockdown and a few welcoming their newborn. We could see the insta profiles of these celebs filled with posts of photoshoots and other occasions. Among the stars who gave birth to their child, Nicki Minaj is one of them. Nicki had announced her pregnancy in July 2020. Today, she revealed the sex of her new munchkin.

About Nicki Minaj:

Nicki Minaj, the known rapper of the US, was born on December 8th, 1982. Her birth name is Onika Tanya Maraj. Her childhood dream was to become a great singer and songwriter. Nicki worked her life to become a notable singer, and here she is one of the most evolved rappers. Other than singing, she is an actress and a model. Nicki has received an equal amount of encouragement in both singing and acting field. Her modelling style gained appreciations from fashion followers. Unlike others joining a band, Nicki released her first single album titled Pink Friday, and it rose to fame within no time. Nicki gained immense fame and popularity with her singing and gradually came into rapping field. Nicki nailed her rapping ability and gained a considerable amount of fans. Nicki has won many notable awards till date along with a Grammy Nomination in the previous year. Nicki married Kenneth Petty in 2019 and is a mother of 1 now.

About Kenneth Petty:

Unlike Nicki, Petty grew up a bit differently. He had a history of a criminal case as a teen and sorted it down later. Petty dropped from his high school and joined the music industry. Petty established his talent in the music industry. His works are majorly behind the cameras, so many of us are not familiar with him. Petty started working with Nicki and had featured in a few songs of Nicki. Petty and Nicki gradually started seeing each other fell in love. After dating for a few years, they married in 2019. Nicki announced the arrival of her baby on September 30th, 2020.

Sex of the Nicki Minaj’s baby:

Nicki and Petty met in the music industry, dated for a couple of years and married in 2019. They found the lockdown to be a valuable time and planned for their family planning. Accordingly, Nicki announced her pregnancy in July 2020. After a few months, she gave birth to her first child on 30th, September this year. Her fans were curious to know the sex of the baby, and many of them commented on her post. Nicki took to Instagram on 15th October and revealed the sex of the baby. Yeah, it’s a boy. Look below and find her post on Instagram.

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