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Diddy was spotted dating Brian Austin Green’s Ex Tina Louise, they were seen kissing each other, related updates and news.

When it is right to freedom, actors are the usual people who don’t have it. Unfortunately, they get followed by unwanted paparazzi and media people who run behind them for selling some news. They never find some informative information instead get excited when two stars meet. Some may be dating, but a few would be casual friends. The paparazzi never see the difference and write it the usual way. A few stars refuse to meet in public because of these people, and a few never mind the public. Recently, the media found Diddy kissing Tina Louise, Austin Green’s Ex. Fans are curious to know if it was out of love or it was casual.

About Diddy:

Sean John Combs, known as Diddy, is a well known American Rapper. Diddy came to this earth on 4th November 1969. He has several stage names such as Puff Daddy, Puffy, Diddy, etc. Diddy was a revolution in the ’90s. He had a unique style of rapping which made him stand at the top of the list. Diddy entered the entertainment industry with his debut album No Way Out in 1997. And then his singing legacy went on raising the bars. Diddy has received 3 Grammy Awards and 2 MTV Awards and many other awards.

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About Tina Louise:

Tina is the household name for Australians. She is a well-known actress born on 11th April 1981. Her acting skills made her the most favourite actor to many of the Australians. She grew up with a family involved in farming. Her interest in acting came out since her childhood. Tina aspired to become an actor when she used to watch series with her parents. Her financial situations at home didn’t support her to become an actor, but her passion driver her, and today she stands as the most famous actress. Tina began her career as a model and grew up to become an actor. Tina was found having lunch with Brain Austin once in 2020. Austin split with his wife Meghan after ten years of marriage, and it was natural to imagine that they were dating. They did date once, but we can predict the date didn’t go very well. And now Tina got spotted kissing Diddy when they met recently to have lunch.

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Relationship of Diddy and Tina: 

The rumour that Tina is dating Diddy is running around the Internet. The word came out as soon as the paparazzi found Tina and Diddy spending time in a beach in Malibu. Their intimacy and closeness lead everyone to believe that they are dating.  They were all alone, and Tina wore a spectacular white Bikini. They were having a great time at the beach, and the eyes of the media people sparkled when Tina raised and kissed Diddy. It was an unexpected move, and instantly the cameras captured these shots. Presently the photos are going viral on the internet and fans are remained in colossal confusion. The actors have not responded anything to these speculations and are staying mum. We need to wait for official information from then regarding the rumours of dating.

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