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The Walking Dead, Season 10 came up with a mysterious masked stranger know everything about it.

It has been seen there is a trend in Hollywood to bring comic series into a web series on a more massive scale. One could quickly found that “The Walking Dead” that is the best example of that. Previously Walking Dead was the comic book series by Charlie Aldred Tony moly and Robert Kirkman. Netflix always finds its way to grab a good opportunity and has not to miss even this one. The Walking Dead is a survivor plus horror series available on Netflix. A large bunch of people finding their way to sustain themselves from the Zombie and the Walkers. The story revolves around their survivor struggle and the continuous attack from both Zombies and Walkers. There are altogether ten seasons available to the viewer with each season a big bash from the previous one.  This time the series is not in headlines due to its cast or sequel, but due to a unique character whose identity is still a mystery. Let’s check every detail about it.

Cast: The Walking Dead, Season 10

The Walking Dead has a massive cast with lots of significant character and much more small characters playing their roles correctly. The makers take care that each makes care that each individual fits into the surface. Here is  some of them:

  • Andrew Lincoln played the role of Rick Grimes.
  • Norman Reedus fits into the character of Darly Dixon.
  • Melissa McBride played the role of Carol Peletier.
  • Dani Gurira played the role of Michonne.
  • Lauren Cohan first in the character of Maggie Greene.
  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan played the role of Negan

Many more character may vary from season to season.

Plot: The Walking Dead, Season 10

The story will again stick to it’s the basic idea of fighting and surviving from the walkers and the zombies. The masked stranger could be playing a vital role in the coming season. He could be allies of Maggie as he is involved in fighting and saving Maggie and others. The survival story may contain some more brutal killing and a few more characters. The upcoming season will never miss, including many twists in the tale.

About the masked stranger: The Walking Dead, Season 10

Many fans of ” The Walking Deaĺd” have raised this question. Who is the masked stranger, whose identity has been concealed making a way to the season 11?. First of all, getting into appearance; there is an individual with two curved blades and a metal mask hiding its identity from the rest. With the skinny legs, one could predict the character to be a girl or a woman. But there are significantly less alive characters on the series that could practice ninja fighting skills. One prediction is that the masked stranger could be someone from previous seasons. Troy Otto suits the role, most of the killing in The Walking Dead features smashing brain, tearing people apart and shows instant death. But these things do not match with Troy Otto, he could have somehow survived with the attack, and the story must contain brief discussion about it. Troy was the most famous character, and his comeback will advantage the series. At the same time, there are still more many predictions about the masked stranger.

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