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The Feud between the Old and New Charmed Girls seems hot and never ending, Know what went wrong.

Constance M. Burge created an American fantasy, supernatural fiction drama named Charmed. Aron Spelling of Spelling Television Company is the producer, and Brad Kern is the showrunner. Originally the series broadcasted on The WB from 7 October 1998 to 21 May 2006. The WB premiered eight seasons of Charmed. Later on 14 October 2018, The CW premiered a reboot of Charmed series with a completely new cast. Sometimes we don’t understand what went wrong, and this is what happened this time. There seems to be a few hot exchanges on Twitter between the old and new cast of the Charmed, let us take a close look at it. But first, let us see who are the cast members.

Old Cast: Charmed

The cast of the original Charmed series included Shannen Doherty aka Prue Halliwell ( the eldest Charmed One), Holly Marie Combs aka Piper Halliwell (the second Charmed One), Alyssa Milano aka Phoebe Halliwell ( the third and youngest Charmed One) and Rose McGowan aka Paige Matthews (half-sister of the Charmed One’s). Other members of the cast were T.W. King, Dorian Gregory, Greg Vaughan, Brian Krause as Andy Trudeau, Darryl Morris, Dan Gordon, Leo Wyatt respectively.

New Cast: Charmed

The reboot Charmed series has a new cast with different characters but the same plot. Madeleine Mantock is playing the role of the eldest Charmed One, Macy. Melonie Diaz is playing Mel, the second Charmed One while Sarah Jeffery will be playing Maggie, the third Charmed one. Harry, the whitelighter is portrayed by Rupert Evans in this series. The CW renewed the Charmed for the third season to premiere next year in January.

The feud between the original and reboot cast: Charmed

The original cast and the reboot cast of Charmed do not seem to get along well. They are more like beefing with each other, and it feels like an “official” one. Let us start from the very beginning of this matter. So as per the sources, the things went wrong when someone mentioned about how the reboot series is often suggested over the original series by the Netflix. This suggestion rose when Holly Marie Combs and Rose McGowan were answering their fans through a video. McGowan comments the video about how the new reboot “sucks” and the video went viral on Twitter.

When one of the cast members of reboot Charmed, Sarah Jeffery saw this video in one of the tweets she stood up for the comment and said that it was “pathetic” of them ( McGowan and Combs) to say such things and it shows that they look down upon the reboot series cast. Then how can Combs aka Piper leave this to it without picking up a fight? She responded to Jeffery’s reaction on the video by stating it “bullshit” and something full of “derogatory accusations”.

Above are some tweets that might help to get a clear view of the situation. One thing led to the other, and later the fans also started to retweet and responded to this little war, or we can say the difference of views. If you like such gossips, then take a look at an article on the feud between the YouTubers Frank Hassle and Steven “Boogie2988” Williams.