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Snoop Dogg delivers the rap song “Drop it like its hot” promotes voting for upcoming 2020 elections in America.

It’s almost less than a month, to go for the United States election in 2020. Elections are going to be carried under the shade of novel coronavirus. Eligible voters are requested to drop their ballets to the chosen Dropbox. Multiple steps are taken to encourage people, for casting their vote to their respective candidate. The famous rapper Snoop Dogg came up with a 60-second ad entitled ” Drop it like it’s hot” and urges the citizen to vote. The song is in response to Democratic National Committee and is a remix of Snoop Dogg’s old song sharing the same name. Here is every information you need to know about it.

About: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is an American origin well-pronounced singer, rapper and a media personality. Snoop having its original name as Calvin Cordozar Broadus Junior was previously famous with Snoop Doggy Dogg but now reduced it to Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg made his debut with D.Dr song ” Deep Cover”. From then, Snoop Dogg never look back in his career and ended up with sold 35 million copies throughout the world and a sale if 25 million dollar copies within the United States. Snoop Dogg recently featured in an ad song promoting vote and is in the headline for that.

Drop it like its hot Song: Snoop Dogg

As stated earlier, Snoop Dogg new rap song is a 60-second advertisement, supported by the Democratic National Committee. Snoop urges the residents to come forward with, and be the change for the future. The new song features all kind of people black and white, young and old, poor or rich can be seen dropping their ballots in the Dropbox. Voters are travelling by car, or by walking and some on their horses to drop their votes on the Dropbox. Throughout the song, one thing is common in every individual that featured, each and everyone in the music is urging come out of their house and drop the ballots like it is hot. The message to deliver the though every American should come out and be a part in shaping the future. The ad takes the user to the site iwillvote.com/location which helps them to find the respective ballot Dropbox near them.

The message: Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg personal came with the message of voting for their favourite candidate. The rapper stated this is the first voting for him, he wants every single American to go out of their house and vote as this is a crucial election for him. Snoop urges to drop their ballots like it is hot on their respective dropbox.

Review: Snoop Dogg

The rap song is like by the residents of the United States and is considered to hit the purpose of the song. People could easily connect with the core message behind the song. While still, the opposition has raised questions claiming it becomes easy to have fraud with the votes as stated by Trump. Much big organisation strictly denied any kind of mid leading with such way of voting.

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