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Kelly Rowland reveals she is pregnant with second child, announced the news of pregnancy while knocking the doors of 40.

We are facing a miserable and drastic situation.  People are entirely thrown into their own houses and are scared to come out. No one ever thought that a virus would turn problems upside down. Many of them are having a great time with their family members. The present condition is leading a few to mental health-related issues. The mental health is essential for an individual and this pandemic phase has provided an opportunity to understand the sensitivity of mental health much better. Many of them are even involved in family planning. As part of this, Kelly Rowland has a piece of good news. Her second child is going to knock the doors in 2021.

Kelly Rowland:

Kelly Rowland came to this earth on 11th, February 1981. Kelly mainly recognised for her singing, and songwriting skills aspired to become a singer as a child itself. As part of it, she joined her school band and started practising music. She had the full support of her family and worked for his passion very derivatively. Kelly archived her dream along with Beyonce, who grew up with her and shared the same goal. They both worked together to rise to fame as a renowned singer. Her baby feet for singing journey started when she joined Destiny’s child. She then teamed up with Beyonce and a few others and created a musical sensation. After a few years of working with Beyonce and Destiny’s child, she started performing solo. Her first solo album released ever was Simply Deep. It created histories with its craze among the audience. She then entered the reality show world. She started hosting fashion shows, singing competitions and other reality shows. She gained great stardom with reality shows. Kelly showed up as a judge at many programs, and her judging capability received proper appreciation. She dreamt of being a singer in her childhood and achieved it within 15years. Her life story is inspirational.

Tim Weatherspoon

Tim was born on 7th January 1974. He works as a Talent manager in the entertainment industry. He joined Kelly as her manager after her previous manager left. Her previous manager was Beyonce’s father, Mathew. She started performing solo and Mathew left.  Tim’s sincerity and perseverance in work appreciated. They both fell in love, and Kelly was so supportive about to her husband. Even Tim was a massive supporter of Kelly. He used to interfere in her work with the utmost interest and used to make sure that she deserved all the success.

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Kelly’s second round:

Kelly and Tim fell in love when Tim used to work as her manager. At his times, he set up a benchmark for all the husbands. Their love turned into marriage in 2014. Tim planned an excellent proposal for her, and, it was an internet sensation. Kelly gave birth to her first child in 2015. Now, there is the latest good news from Kelly. She announced her second pregnancy while featuring on Women’s Health Magazine’s cover page. Her audience is eagerly waiting for her second child.

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