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Elizabeth Hurley is trending due to her posts on latest beach-wares from her own fashion line!

The famous English actress, model, and businesswoman Elizabeth Hurley is known for her evergreen beauty for sure. The model came to highlight when she was dating the renowned star Hugh Grant during the 1990s and got spotted with him at many places. Hurley came in many pictures with him and got her first modelling chance at the age of 29. Her first debut was as a spokesmodel by Estee lauder, and ever since, she has been doing several projects. The 55-year-old actress is a mum of one and has a huge fan following her dazzling looks for sure. Her social media account is one of the most visited sites because she has never let her fans down with her amazing pictures posted.

Hurley’s beginning of the career: Elizabeth Hurley’s recent posts

Hurley belongs from Hampshire and attended Harriet Costello School. She started her career from being a model to an actress then went to become a businesswoman. Her first film was Aria, released in 1987, and went to act in other movies too. Her first TV appearance was via a detective show Inspector Morse, and she appeared in several famous shows like NBC’s Wonder Woman, Gossip Girl, and more. Of course, she never came out of her fashion field, and from being the face of Estée Lauder to starting her beachwear line, she achieved success because of the knowledge she had.

Personal life:  Elizabeth Hurley’s recent posts

Hurley was more spotted in front when she was dating Hugh, and she accompanied him at several places. The couple was dating for 13 years before they split up in May 2000. After two years of split-up, she gave birth to a boy baby named Damian Charles Hurley, but his father was Steve Bing. However, in the beginning, Bing completely denied being the baby’s father, which got proved to be wrong after taking a DNA test. Hugh became the child’s godfather, and both are in a friendly relationship now. Later on, she married Arun Nayar, an Indian textile heir, but the couple got a divorce on 15 June 2011. She got engaged to Shane Warne later, but they did not get the made for each other feelings and separated their paths.

Hurley’s bikini pictures: Elizabeth Hurley’s recent posts.

As she is genuinely a fantastic model, her fashion sense has always been eye-catching for the public. Hurley’s fashion line is one of the leading ones making this successful businesswoman very renowned for sure. Anything launched by her fashion line, and we get to see her posts on it. Currently, Hurley’s bikini posts from her fashion line are going so viral not only because of the beautiful swimsuits but also because our actress’s incredible features help promote them more. Although she is 55 years old now, her figure and facial features look like 25. Hurley shared the secrets behind her looking so beautiful, vibrant, and young, her relaxing activities. Not only she follows a proper diet plan and exercises, but she assures to get adequate rest. Well, the actress still got the looks that rule the industry for sure.

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