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Dennis Quaid opens up about his son Jack Quaid in The Kelly Clarkson Show saying “Jack denied his help!”


The famous American actor Dennis William Quaid is known for his fantastic acting skills ever since the 1980s. The father of 3 still rocks his roles even at the age of 66 and has a huge fan following for sure. His son Jack Henry Quaid followed his father’s footsteps and made a career in acting. We have seen the 28-year-old charming actor in several movies, including The Hunger Games, his debuting film. Like father like son, both have been impressing the industry from their eye-catching acting for sure. Jack is the renowned actress Meg Ryan who got separated from Dennis on January 28, 2000. Having an Oscar award-winning mom and Hollywood star as Dad Jack could have opted to take an easy way, but he went for the harder one.

Jack’s childhood: Jack turned down his father’s help.

When Jack was trying to make his debut in the film industry, his father Dennis wanted his son to help. Having such famous personalities as his parents, he could have quickly taken help from them, but he did not and made his way for success. This incident made the 66-year-old actor recall about his son’s childhood. Talking about his childhood, he said Jack was always interested in this field. Fans came to know about Jack’s interest in acting by his dad, who said that Jack always followed his parents’ footsteps.

When the 28-year old charming actor was a four-year-old boy, he started shooting anything from surrounding locations to anyone with his camera. It seems like this was his fate, and the destination decided that he would take up acting as a profession. Now neither of his parents taught him or forced him, but his little videos made him get into acting. Later in his school life, he participated in several dramas and events which led him here.

 Jack’s entry into acting: Jack turned down his father’s help.

When it was time to make his passion as his profession, Dennis offered Jack some help with his agent and stuff. However, our hero wanted to stand on his legs. Even by coming from such a big and famous background, he completely denied his parent’s help. Jack’s decision proved his abilities, and of course, his father was very proud of his son. Later, Jack got his agents all by himself and debuted in the fantastic film The Hunger Games. Well, that was just the beginning, and he went on his path of success doing several hottest shows and currently is doing The Boys.

 Dennis on Kelly Clarkson Show: Jack turned down his father’s help.

The Kelly Clarkson Show is a famous American talk show which premiers parts about everyday people. The outstanding award-winning show hosted by Kelly Clarkson always brings something unique and the latest. We see some hidden news in people’s lives, including famous personalities. Among the eye-catching guest lists, we got to see Dennis Quaid in the show. All the information regarding his son’s debut and how he stood on his legs got revealed in front. Talking about his son, he concludes his talk by saying that he is proud of his son. Dennis says that his son turned out into a fine man for sure.

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