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Burger King is giving away free 1000 PlayStation 5 conlsoles, click to check how to participate and more details about it.

The all-new Sony PlayStation 5 is about to release. Even less than two months have left the release, and the date is fixed on November 12, 2020. So there is some good news for the lovers in this novel coronavirus pandemic. PlayStation 5 is again on captions; rumours are on the air that Sony’s PS5 and the Burger King have collaborated. All this news came after the video on YouTube, where the burger king could be seen opening a mystery box. The thing that adds a twist in the tale is the background song of PS5. Already Playstation 5 is the most awaited game, and this news adds more excitement to the Playstation fans.

The Video: Burger King and PS5

The news broke out with the video by Burger King. In that video, Burger King could be seen opening a mysterious packet as the box opens a blue light flash on the face of Burger King with the PlayStation song playing the background. At the end of the video with the departure of the Burger King, there is a number flashing 10 15 in the wall with blue light making chances of something on 15 October 2020.

Rules to participate in the give away:  Burger King and PS5

The rules are straightforward. Burger King has kept it very simple for the user to participate. One could easily win brand new Playstation 5 by registering itself on an app called Interested people have to make an order of more than five dollars from the restaurant. The order will lead them to have game tokens. The game tokens would be further utilised to play scratch-off games on and have a fair chance to Playstation 5. So this the simple two-step rule by the Burger King which could help anyone to have a brand new upcoming Playstation 5.

1000 Playstation for the free give away: Burger King and PS5

Now it is confirmed about the free give away of the Playstation 5 by Burger King. To attract more game lover and increase the winning percentage the Burger King has decided to give a thousand PlayStation 5 console. There are also much more exciting gifts and prices. Burger King has also chosen to provide the codes for Demon Soul and A Big Adventure plus three-month subscription for Playstation.

Reason for the free gives away: Burger King and PS5.

The ongoing, coronavirus pandemic has led the world to come at the stop. With the lockdown in most of the world, they are letting it to the closure of factories, companies and many more to stop the chain growth of the virus. The shutdown affects the economy, most and every individual pocket have been hit by it. There are strong chances of a decline in the sale of upcoming Playstation 5. The collaboration with Burger King trigger the excitement and may lead it to increase in the sale. The free give away to do much publicity for the Playstation and help it play against with its rivalry the Xbox series.

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