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Chris Harrison in the brand new trailer of The Bachelorette Season 16 says Clare Crawley blows up the Season!

The famous American reality Television show, which is all based on dating game program is The Bachelorette. The show was and still is loved by many as not only some fantastic matchmaking has taken place, but indeed viewers get to see a lot of drama too. It made its debut on January 8, 2003, and ever since had many outstanding seasons. From the name itself, it is clear that Bachelorette from around the world come to find their potential future husband here. Each season has always ended with a proposal. Now it has always been the Bachelorette’s choice to either accept or deny it. Some couple even went to get married. At the same time, some have split up after dating for some time. Overall the theme of the show has always been eye-catching. Now finally the new season is going to be out soon.

 The entry of Clare Crawley:  The Bachelorette Season 16

Season 16 has made its way and the trailer released has put a lot of confusion in every fan’s mind. Many rumours were going in the industry about season 16 which has got cleared in the trailer. Chris Harrison will get again seen in the upcoming season 16. Talking about the new glamorous Bachelorette then we will see Clare Crawley in this season. The beautiful 39-year-old is a famous television personality and was the runner-up on the 18th season of The Bachelor. She is the oldest Bachelorette ever noted and surely the season will bring lots of spice with it.

Show’s trailer: The Bachelorette Season 16

Talking about the last few trailers by the show many fans guessed that Clare has found love with Dale and the couple will stick together. Also, the guesses among them getting married and Clare having a happy ending was seen in previous trailers. Talking about the latest and the last trailer released by the show, there has been the most significant twist recognized. Lots of tears, people getting disappointed and Chris Harrison‘s words were shocking. The team has now again put the fans under confusion on what will happen to Clare and whether she will end up with someone or not.

Chris Harrison on the show: The Bachelorette Season 16

Chris Harrison gets seen in the trailer exclaiming that something like this has never happened in 18 years. They, of course, did not mention clearly about “this” leaving fans hanging about the season. Also, as shown before it seems Clare has got a wrong idea about Dale. Here everyone expecting her to get together with him but the tailor had only tears and highlighted few members planning to quit. In the trailer, Chris mentions while talking to Clare that she is on the wrong path. His words said that the direction she was following might not end very well for her either for the contestants. Well, so the assumptions made by fans might be all wrong. When asked before about the beliefs and rumours, Chris said that “they know nothing” and it is clear that now we fans have concluded nothing yet.

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