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Robin Williams’ eldest son, Zak is married, On Saturday he married his girlfriend Olivia June, Read to know details.

The current year is a drastic year for everyone. People across the world are facing problems and are feeling it difficult to cope with the current year. Many are even facing issues related to mental health. It’s traumatic to witness the current year. It’s an utterly unexpected situation. A few are finding it precious as they have found some time to spend with their family. Many are using this time to relax and enjoy with their loved one’s. Many are planning their future, involved in family planning, starting a business and many other works. In the same way, Robin William’s elder son Zak tied the knot with Olivia June.

Robin Mathews: 

Robin was born on July 21st, 1951. Robin was a household name to the Americans of 1970s through his acting and comedy timing. Every comedian usually gets compared to Robin for the comedy timing and style of comedy. Robin is famous for staring as Popeye in 1980. Robin started standup comedy in 1980’s only. He stood as a role model for all the comedians of his time, and the young generation is inspired to get motivated by his style and timing of comedy. It is sporadic to find a  combination of acting and humour, but Robin stands as a brand for it. Robin’s drama and comedy passed the 1970s-90s. Robin is also a producer.

Zachary Pym Williams:

Zachary Pym Williams was born on April 11th, 2020. He is the eldest son of Robin Williams. Seeing his dad, he also aspired to become an actor. Zac acted in a few movies like The Graduates, Entertainment tonight and a few others. Zac couldn’t make a more meaningful career in acting like his dad, but he did leave back some beautiful movies. His acting skills were critically acclaimed.  Zac was previously married to Alex-Mallick Williams. Zac was undergoing some mental traumas and took some time to come out of it. Zac inspired youth to stop hiding mental illness and looking at it as a sin. Zac always posts positively on Mental health and wellness and spreads awareness among the public. Zac’s efforts towards imparting the knowledge of mental health among the people are evidence that he wants to encourage people and step out of their phobia.

Zac and Olivia:

The pandemic has given some busy people the time to relax and enjoy with their family. Some are living their lives with their dreams, and some are striving hard to fulfil it: Zac, the eldest son of Robin Williams, tied knot with his girlfriend, Olivia June. The ceremony was very intimate, with only close friends attending the ceremony. The couple followed all the norms of Covid-19 and arranged the ceremony with the utmost care. Zac tied the knot on Saturday. Zac is known for undergoing some mental health-related issues in the past. So he captioned his Twitter post stating, felt happy on marrying my best friend on a great day, world mental health day. The couple looked so excited to be with each other.

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