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Normal days are not close Jamie Dimin on coronavirus effects check every details you need to know about it.

The world has not seen like this before. A virus names the covid-19 spreading through different mediums. The virus is genuinely unknown to anyone and with no diagnosis and treatment. As a result, the government all around the world applied the instant shutdown to stop the spread of it. Everything just stopped for months; every working functionality just derailed from its routine. Unfortunately, the change a significant and severe effect. The world economy has to bear the most of the damage; it crashed like never before. Crashing world economy affects every individual in this world. The normal days are not very soon, Jamie Dimon said normal days are long away in an interview. Let’s check his taught in his topic.

About: Jamie Dimon

Jamie Dimon is an American origin businessman. Currently, he is working as CEO and chairman of JP Morgan Chase. The 63 years old ma celebrates its birthday on 13th March 1956. It must be noted that Jo Morgan Chase is one of the largest banks in the United States. Before joining JP Morgan group, he has also given his service as a board of director of Federal Reserve Bank. Jamie Dimon is a highly successful businessman with a net worth of 1.4 billion dollars.

Lockdown thoughts: Jamie Dimon

The sudden shutdown was necessary to break the ongoing chain of coronavirus. But the prolonged shutdown due to this coronavirus can hurt the economy of every sector. Jamie Dimon is a billionaire banker; he claims that he has been working with only 15 to 25% of the employees during this pandemic. Jamie believes that there should be redeployment of the employee in the banks. The banking sector could not work or generally function from work from home criteria. He has been urging from many days to the normal functioning of banks.

Regular functioning of the banks: Jamie Dimon

As stated during the lockdown, everything just put on a stop during the coronavirus pandemic to stop the chain infection. Some important organisation which could not be shutdown was permitted to run, but with a lot of restriction and reduced staff, the bank is one of them. Jamie Dimon always demanded an increase in staff in the banking sector. He believes in banking no work from home tricks work correctly. It includes some work which could be addressed by coming to the branch. Jamie also claims that he is working with less than a quarter of his employees.

About regular days: Jamie Dimon

The journey of going things as it was is quite long, according to Jamie Dimon. He believes that things won’t go normal until the beginning of January 2021. According to him, everything will function well from, at least June 20 21. Without a proper vaccine and its distribution plus production, there would not be appropriate working of the banks. Currently, everything is working with a lot of instructions and restrictions. The stock market has also faced a sudden decline; every sector is facing loses in some or another way.

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