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Lily James and Dominic West found spending time together and kissing each other in public, Read to know.

Lily Chloe Ninette Thomson is a famous English actress also professionally is known as Lily James. The 31-year-old actress has studied acting from Guildhall school of music and drama established in 1880. Her first appearance was via the fantastic television series Just William. The series premiered on 2010. Ever since had a huge fan following for sure. Talking about the famous 50-year-old actor Dominic West, he is known for his characters such as Jimmy McNutty in The wire and much more. He studied English at Trinity College. For sure both the famous personalities have been in a head-line for a longer period. It seems like the rumoured affair of both had just got one more point to add. Both the beloved personalities got found kissing in public.

Lily James and Matt Smith: Lily and Dominic found kissing.

The actress was dating Matt Smith before. He is indeed also an actor by profession, and the couple indeed looked very charming together. Since 2014 the couple started dating, but their relationship was not stable. There were many ups and downs, and they also broke up several times. They also tried to get back together and sort out the things going wrong between them in this lockdown. Well, the pandemic period could have been lucky for their relationship, but again the couple did not find any reason to stick together. However, they finally split up and currently Lily stated that she is single.

Dominic and Catherine: Lily and Dominic found kissing.

Although Lily is single now Dominic is not. He is married to Catherine FitzGerald, who is a landscape designer and aristocratic heiress. Both of them are married since 2010. The couple met at the university. They found love which got leading to marriage at they tied the knot in Ireland. Dominic has four children with her but is the father of five among which Martha is the daughter with Polly Astor. Dominic had the other four children with his wife, Catherine. There has been no news from him neither from hi wife regarding their split up or divorce, so he is indeed married to her till now.

Dominic’s affair with Lily: Lily and Dominic found kissing.

There have been several gossips going around about the pair. However Lily is single, but Dominic is not, and both have got spotted roaming around in a scooter and kissing passionately in Italy. The pair got set to play the lead role in the upcoming rom-com drama by Emily Mortimer. The storyline gets adapted from the famous novel The Pursuit Of Love for the BBC, which is written by Nancy Mitford. The pair got photographed while having lunch and the married actor got photographed kissing co-star Lily in public. It gets also known from the sources that both the famous personalities stayed in the hotel- Hotel De La Ville in Rome for two nights. Well, there have been several rumours about them but this one whether true or not, was indeed shocking for all the fans.

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