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Famous couple George and Amal Clooney save The Mill at Sonning Theatre which is re-opening soon!

The American film director and actor George Clooney and his wife Amal Clooney have always successfully hit the headlines for sure. The couple is married now for around six years and has two children. From their helpful and down to earth nature to the bond between then people have always found the couple very fascinating. Having spotted together in many award functions and shows the couple has been very supportive and Amal being a human rights activist has never let down the people in need. This amazing nature of the couple highlighted very brightly in the current pandemic situation when they decided to help a local theatre in need. Coronavirus has affected several professional sectors, including theatres. The Mill at Sonning theatre is one of them but luckily found help via the couple.

Tim and Eileen on Facebook: Amal and George save The Mill.

On October 7 of this year, The Mill at Sonning Theatre posted a piece of great news on it’s an official Facebook page. The post mentioned that how grateful the theatre’s owners Tim and Eileen Richards were to the Clooney. The post highlighted that now due to the fund has raised the theatre will re-open October 30. Due to the pandemic conditions and complete lockdown, the theatre did face a huge loss. Owners were only allowed to open the restaurant near the theatre. The famous couple Amal and¬†George Clooney were regular customers in the theatre. When they came to know about the situation, the couple decided to save the mill and raised enough amount of fund for it. The post declared that their fund and effort was indeed a lifeline for the theatre.

Changes made in the theatre: Amal and George save The Mill.

The couple came to the thought of helping the owners. Tim and Eileen are funded to re-open the theatre in good condition, and all the beautiful changes have been made for now. Only a count of 70 people will be allowed at once. New mind-blowing custom-in-built tables are indeed a new addition over the empty seat. The entire theatre is given a traditional look.

George on their donation: Amal and George save The Mill.

The couple lives in the theatre’s neighbourhood and thus have been a regular customer to the place. Geroge explained that he and his wife always had a strong attachment with the theatre. He stated that the theatre was love at first sight. The theatre’s building belongs from the 18h century. The classic touch of the building and its structure has always been eye-catching for the couple. They being regular people to visit the spot said that the place needed some more care and love. Well, surely everything will come out beautifully.

George Clooney said that the most beautiful part of the whole place is the Thames surrounded by the countryside. Undoubtedly the couple is delighted with every part of the place and how it all appears now after some light touches up. The theatre owners are planning to display plays on comedy, magic and much more in the coming winter season.

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