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Celebrity couple Rick Leventhal and Kelly Dodd finally got married at Santa Rosa in California!

The fox news corresponded Rick Leventhal and renowned T.V personality Kelly Dodd have been in the spotlight ever since the couple got engaged. The 45-year-old star has always been excited to get called as Mrs Leventhal, which has finally come true. The couple announced their engagement in 2019 and started dating at the beginning of the same year. They met at a party, and the spark between them has always attracted many fans worldwide. The ceremony was not something very fancy and huge. The couple had previously planned to tie the knot among only closed ones and did so.

The proposal: Kelly and Rick got married.

One of the most shipped couples started dating at some time in the year 2019. After few months Rick knew that it was the time to put a ring on the beautiful lady. The proposal was indeed very heart-touching for Kelly. She said that his apartment got decorated beautifully with flowers and he had champagne. After giving a small talk about his love towards her, he got down on his knees and popped the question having the pear-shaped huge diamond ring with him. She, of course, being so in love said yes, and the couple was already planning to get married on October 10 2020. During her interview about the engagement, she said that he is her perfect friend and supporter, she can not wait to marry him.

My daughter is the maid of honour: Kelly and Rick got married.

The couple from the very beginning planned to have a small wedding with their closed ones. A wedding without a maid oh honour is not happening. So Kelly, from the day one planned that her daughter would be her maid of honour. She even announced her decision way before the wedding day. The beautiful couple matched each other on their wedding day by wearing all black. Yes, Kelly opted for a black wedding dress rather than the classic white which is indeed trendy nowadays. The star rocked the outfit for sure on her special day along with husband, Rick.

The details of the wedding: Kelly and Rick Leventhal got married.

The couple was well aware of the pandemic conditions. So they by not taking much risk, they went for an intimate wedding. Dodd said that she indeed likes this idea of having your closed one’s together for the wedding. The wedding witnessed Rick Leventhal’s friend as the ordained in the ceremony. Dodd said in her interview that the wedding is although small without many fancy things going on it is very special to the couple and their families.

The extra points to the wedding go to the masks prepared by Kelly. Although the wedding was small guests arrived were important and to protect them. Kelly made few masks which had written Kelly and Rick on it as mentioned before the couple went for the full black outfit and indeed were rocking in it. The couple also went for the beautiful location of Santa Rosa, California. Fans are indeed delighted with the news, and the couple is currently enjoying their marriage life.

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