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Cardi B received a billboard as gift by her ex husband Offset, fans urges to refuse the present, check every details.

More pronounced as Cardi B but running all her life with a real name Belcalis Marlenis Almanzar. Cardi B is an American origin singer, rapper, television personality, songwriter and also a fantastically named actress. Cardi B is 28 years old hip hop singer born on 11 October 1992. Cardi B born in Manhattan, New York, America. Till now, Cardi B has a successful career, but her journey started when many of her small shots and pic gone viral on social media and the internet. From that, she never looked back in her life. Cardi also catches the headline when some of her offset pics gone viral on social media. Cardi B has also received many awards. Check every detail about and see what did you miss till now.

Career: Cardi B

As already mentioned earlier, Cardi begins her professional career,  when some of her videos and pics gone viral on social media after the Cardi continued her journey as a small television star and was featured in many hit series like Love & Hip Hop. In this stage of her life, she witnesses her talent in the acting field. After that, Cardi moved to the music industry. Cardi B came up with Gangsta Bitch Music having two parts volume one and volume two. There is a list of musical album and songs by cardi B. But getting into that takes a full list so moving on. Cardi B is not only an international figure but also registered her name on the Forbes list. She has been declared as the most influential female rapper in the world. Cardi B rap usually contains aggressive lyrics.

Offset birthday present: Cardi B

Cardi took to Instagram to exp to express her gratitude and reaction about her birthday present gifted by her ex-husband Offset. Cardi B wrote oh my God, oh my God on her in Instagram on her birthday present. She has been currently no langer with Offset but was astonished his gift. The gift was a billboard by her two years old daughter and Offset. Cardi B ex-husband came up with the unique concept of gifting a billboard scripted with ” happy birthday Mummy love Kulture” the billboard also contains a picture of the mother and daughter fit in pink attire and having matching glasses.

Fans are not happy with the decision: Cardi B

The Instagram post by Cardi B quickly got viral on social media. It could easily see the fans were not happy with the decision. Offset soon after that posted on social media that he is missing his ex-wife. Fan of cardi B is upset, charging Offset that he has cheated her many times. Fans urge Cardi B not to take the present gifted by her ex-husband of the set. Cardi has been fraud by her ex-husband on several occasion. Cardi B has given no reaction on the sharp disagreement by her fans about the birthday present. But Cardi liked the gift.

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