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This BKFC, Joey Beltran secures the heavyweight title; Know the Results of the matches in Detail

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship aka BKFC, this year in 2020, is the third time of the event. The event promotes bare-knuckle fights for the origin of Philadelphia. There are five fixtures throughout the championship. We can watch the battles on PPV and FITE TV. The latest round held on 10th October 2020, between the previous championship winner Joey Beltran and Marcel Stamps was worth watching.

Joey Beltran vs Marcel Stamps: Match Summary and Result

The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 13 held in Kansas on 10th of October was a complete thrill for the spectators. In the first two rounds, Stamps showed us his athleticism, but as the match progressed, things started to take a turn. Our 35-year-old Stamp had the upper hand in three consecutive rounds, but then in the last one, the previous championship holder pinned him to the ground. Joey Beltron is the one who regained his championship title in the history of BKFC.

Joey Beltron: Views on the Match

In after match interview, Beltron shared that practising and real matches are a lot different. He kept thinking ‘storm the castle’ as his strategy and then came for Stamps. With his blood-drenched face and hurt skull, he pulled all his might together to attack the opponent. When Joey got asked about what will be next, he said that he wants a rematch with Arnold Adams who kept him from 2018 championship title. Beltron still gets it hard to think that someone is there who knocked him out and for the sake of his ego and with full due respect he would like to have a battle with Arnold again. The fans might get to see Beltron against Adams in a match, but for this, they have to make their views visible on social media, said Joey’s promoter, David Feldman.

Nico Hernandez vs Chancey Wilson: Match Summary and Results

Nico showed his skills as a professional boxer with 7-0 (4 KO). At the same time, Wilson did his best against the Olympic bronze winner. In the fourth round when Wilson vomited at his corner, the game ended with Nico as the winner in his bare-knuckle debut. During the match, both the contestants had trash talk, but in the end, Wilson lifted Hernandez, which shows nothing is bitter between the two. The 24-year-old Hernandez stated that he would continue to do boxing from now on. The boxer seems promising, and we wish him good luck for his future.

Upcoming Events: Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 2020

The Bare Knuckles Fighting Championship 14 will be on 11th November 2020. There will be two matches with fixtures: Johnny Bedford vs Dat Nguyen and Luis Palomino vs Joe Alers. The venue and timing for the games are yet not disclosed. But one thing we can be sure about is that it will be fun to watch these battles. We can expect to watch more thrilling, blood gushing and jaw-dropping kind of fight in the BKFC. If you find the above article fun to read and want more such articles, then stay tuned to us. At the same time, follow up on the other piece by me about Touch Me Remix.