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31-years-old Desiree S, Anzalone died battling against Breast Cancer, Know how the family feels for their loss.

Desiree S. Anzalone came from a family of great artists. Desi Arnaz Jr was Desiree’s grandfather while Julia Arnaz and Mario Anzalone were her parents. At the same time, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were the great maternal grandparents of Desiree Anzalone. Desiree came to this world on 17 September 1989 in Norwalk, Connecticut. She had a gift in music, songwriting and modelling. We lost this pretty soul on 27 September 2020 due to cancer.

Interests: Desiree S. Anzalone

Desiree was a photographer and a talented one too. She wrote songs and sung them, making her a very gifted person. We can describe her as” an old soul who loved the 60s and 70s music”.Her mother told her as “beautiful photographer” and a brilliant, talented girl. In addition to this, she was also a beautiful model. Desiree played the Piano and Acoustic Guitar efficiently. She was a beautiful soul inside out and loved by all.

Cancer History: Desiree S. Anzalone

Desiree diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer when she was only 25 years old. She went through chemotherapy which was later followed by a double mastectomy. Her cancer returned in 2018 and this time in the fourth stage. Cancer affected her lungs, liver and bones. Desiree went through many surgeries for removing the fluid, which kept collecting around her heart every few days. The surgeries scheduled after every two weeks or so to keep a check on the liquid.

At last, the fluid returned after 12 hours of the surgery, and she knew that she has a few days or hours. With this, she survived for two years and left the earth peacefully on 27 September 2020 at Smilow Cancer Centre in Connecticut. In her last months, she actively spread awareness about breast cancer as cancer does not take age into account.

Family’s love and Obituary: Desiree S. Anzalone

In an exclusive interview with People Desiree’s mother, Julia said that among all her children, she was something special. Desiree and her mother were best friends and still are. Julia also said that Desiree reminded her of her grandmother in many ways. She resents the fact that she did not spend more time with her daughter during the last of her days, and the credit goes to the Coronavirus pandemic. In her obituary, described as a person who loved people and animals and above all life.

In one of her last Instagram post, Desiree shared some pictures showing her deep love for her great grandmother Lucille Ball. We can only hope that they reunite in the other world and bless us from there. People will never forget a pure and beautiful soul like Desiree S. Anzalone. Her love for life will become an inspiration for all. Julia’s efforts which made her talk about her beloved daughter’s death to spread awareness about breast cancer is an excellent tribute to Desiree. The world needs more such people around for it to be a better place. We wish here to rest in peace. For more articles, stay tuned! If you like my writing, then follow up for another article by me about Boogie 2988.