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Paul McCartney remembers and makes an emotional post for his beloved late friend John Lennon on his 80th Birthday

The beloved English songwriter, musician and producer Sir James Paul McCartney is renowned for his legendary songs along with his co-lead and friend John Lennon. The famous band named Beatles was and still is a favourite for many. After splitting up in the year 1970, they both had their bands and made a solo career. Although John Lennon is no more his music still beats in the heart of every fan for sure including to that of McCartney. Paul got currently seen remembering his late friend John Lennon on his 80th birthday. The legend shared a cute post of them in black and white, highlighting the bond and care they had for each other.

Paul’s message for his late friend: Paul on John’s 80th birthday.

The renowned songwriter posted a picture of him and John Lennon which got taken when both the legends were young and were working together in the Beatles band. He wished his friend John happy birthday via the black and white photo taken earlier. In the photo, both the amazing singers were sitting next to each other. They both had the heart-melting smiles on their faces. Paul McCartney said that the picture reminded him the golden olden times went they used to share an amazing bond. Well, indeed it was an eye-catching moment when they reconciled and reunited together later after splitting up to show their awesomeness.

It would have been a heartache: Paul on John’s 80th birthday.

On BBC 2, while talking with Sean Ono Lennon Paul McCartney said that he was very much happy to reunite with John. Business does sometimes bring differences, but McCartney showed his happiness that finally, they both resolved their differences and went back to create a great team. Well indeed not only them but all their fans and supporters were happy too. He further said that surely it would have been a heartache if he and John like never reunited. He calls their bond his strength, and it was lovely to be back like olden times, and he was glad that they went for this decision.

John Lennon’s final interview: Paul on John’s 80th birthday.

John Lennon got shot at the age of 40 outside Dakota apartment in Manhattan. Mark David Chapman killed him who got later charged with second-degree murder. He also got sentenced to jail for 20 years. Paul and John had made up at that time. So we could see John Lennon addressing Paul McCartney in his last interview.

His last interview was along with US DJ Dave Sholin. He spoke very highly of his co-lead and his one of the biggest supporters, Paul. In the interview, we saw him addressing Paul as his brother and family. He said that family members do fight and travel through many ups and downs, but everything gets sorted later. John went on by saying he would do anything for Paul. He also said that he thinks that Paul will do the same for him too. We even saw his wife and other family members remembering and paying tribute to him on his birthday.

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