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Nancy Pelosi invokes 25th Amendment for replacing Donald Trump if he is unfit to serve now.

The American politician Nancy Patricia Pelosi is currently serving as a congresswoman in California. She also is the only women in the US who has served as a speaker yet. The dean of California’s congressional delegation has a raised a voice against Trump addressing the 25th Amendment. According to it, she wants the President to get removed from his executive duties. As the President was tested positive before for the deadly covid-19 virus, he came out cleared from it and has joined the White House and started his work. After his return, few members in the White House got infected by the virus. The call for Amendment was to disclose the secret of presidents true health conditions. 

Public needs to know the truth: Nancy Patricia Pelosi invokes 25th Amendment.

The renowned House speaker believes that President Donald Trump is hiding his true health conditions from the public. After the Covid-19 diagnosis, she feels that the President is not open whether he got cured completely or not. As still it is not disclosed that when the President first was diagnosed with Covid. Also, it is not clear whether he is completely free from virus or not. Calling for the 25 amendments, she says that Congress should take care of all his duties. It will only happen if the President is not in a condition. As the virus is indeed very deadly, it led to thousands of people’s death in America. Pelosi states that commission should get launched for detail review on the topic.

President Donald Trump’s reply: Nancy Patricia Pelosi invokes 25th Amendment. 

Based on the Nancy Pelosi statement, President Donald Trump thinks of a way to reply to her. It indeed spread like a rapid-fire. In his short tweet, he said he called the House speaker Crazy! His tweet exclaimed that she should be the one under observation and not him. The tweet continued by calling Pelosi crazy. The President went on saying that “They don’t call her Crazy for nothing.” Well, the tweet by the President got indeed much more attention for his tweet. Many people, social media platforms and several reporters wanted to know about the situation in detail. The President stated that he is completely fine and feels great. Well, it was true that he got hospitalised and tested positive before. But according to him, he is completely fine to resume campaign now.

Pence would take over: Nancy Patricia Pelosi invokes 25th Amendment. 

Pelosi along with Rep Jamie Raskin, D-Md, who is a constitutional law professor, planned to roll and apply the 25th Amendment. It states if the President is not in the condition to take care of his duties, Vice president will immediately take up his place. Well, there was a whole complete package of tweets received when he suddenly stopped the talk on COVID aid package. Trump later reversed the talk. Well, regarding the talk on whether he got completely cured or not, Trump’s physician Dr Sean Conley stated that he got undoubtedly cured. After calling off all the talks related with Pelosi, he also cancelled his next week’s debate with Joe Biden. If Trump proves unfit to serve then, Pence will take his position for now. Well, all of this happening near the election time leads to a lot of confusion for sure.

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