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MCST brings 16C system-on-chip that overtakes AMD EPYC on the basis of Dram feature!

Moscow Center of SPARC Technologies which is also shortly known as MCST was initially out on 1992. The well known Russian company for making amazing microprocessors productions that will set in computers and systems along with several servers effectively. The entire company runs by producing 2 different instruction set architecture. Also, known as ISA, it consists of Elbrus and SPARC. The organization first launched its Elbrus in the year 1973 and ever since the company is very well famous for the products. The latest Elbrus-16C which comes again with many amazing features indeed leave other multiprocessors back.

Main components of the Elbrus-16C: The Russian CPU Elbrus-16C.

The incorporation of the renowned chip in your system indeed comes with 12 billion transistors. The chip consists of 16 cores which run on 2 GHz. The system-on-chip has an eight-channel DDR4-3200 memory controller. The design of the controller will support the system in such a way that it supports ECC and 32 PCIe 3.0 lanes. Excellent hardware virtualization will come along with 4 SATA 3.0 ports. Developers have mentioned that the chip has a 10GbE and 2.5GbE interfaces for making it more user-friendly. 1.5 FP32 and 0.75 FP64 TFLOPS respectively will be available.

Features of the system-on-chip: The Russian CPU Elbrus-16C.

The Elbrus 16c processor presented by MCST’s 16-core processor works on newly released features which to should be made a note of as a wise idea to incorporate by the company. The chip gets developed in such a way that it can go on to support 4TB of memory and 4-way SMP configurations are present, which makes it very much high-tech indeed. Now talking about the Elbrus-4C the quad-processor server can support DDR4 memory of around 16TB. It is yet to get released regarding the data of modules used and which type of registers memory will get utilized. Not even the information of its capacity is out yet.

Elbrus features over EPYC: The Russian CPU Elbrus-16C.

EPYC indeed has produced several renowned multiprocessors that get largely used. But the latest designed Elbrus chip overtakes the branded AMD EPYC because of its Dram feature. As it is clear that the Dram per box of EPYC is 8 TB this processor easily overcame it. The processor by EPYC runs in 2-way configuration. At the same time, MCST’s Elbrus-16C has a 4-way configuration making it more well-developed and efficient to use. Talking about 4-way and 8-way configurations Intel Xeon Scalable L-series which supports 4.5 Tb memory support is hard to compare because of price.

So the latest 16C chip by MCST indeed is going to rule the processor world with its upgraded features. The company has initially tested the multiprocessor’s efficiency and performance. The processor got tested on their Elbrus Linux operating system, which was a success. The production and selling of the product are yet to get officially announced. But there are rumours that the excited users will get to see the launch of the product in a high volume. It will be around in late 2021. The company has explained that it will be using a 16 nm technique. It will lead to the massive, efficient production of the product for sure.

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