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Lab Zero Game, Indivisible production stopped by 505 Games, Know the Plot and Characters of the gameplay.

Lab Zero Games developed a game known as Indivisible, and 505 Games launched it. Indivisible is a single-player, role-playing platform game, released in October 2019. For Nintendo Switch the game launched on 28 April 2020 and for Japan, it ventured on 18 July 2020. There was an announcement about the making of an animation series based on the game. But the series cancelled due to some obvious reasons. Lab Zero Games dissolved last month and after the dissolution, 505 Games announced the cancellation of Indivisible.

The plot of the game: Indivisible

The plot features battles between a group of warriors and an evil goddess. The goddess gets trapped after losing a war against warriors, but one of her loyal servants frees her from the exile by tricking a girl. The game follows the girl’s quest to defeat the goddess. In her way, she makes and loses friends and companions. The girl also makes a huge mess which she later atones herself. In the end, the goddess and girl merge themselves and disappear to make the world a peaceful place.

The Characters and Voice Cast in the game: Indivisible

There are some primary characters and some secondary or guest characters in the game. However, there are no more introductions in the game as the production stopped. The list of the primary moralities is as:

  • Indr is the leader of warriors who defeated Kala in the first war. Her voice is by Keith Silverstein.
  • Kala, the evil Goddess, expressed by Anjali Bhimani
  • Ajna is a girl raised by Indr like her own, and her voice is by Tania Gunadi
  • Dhar, leader of an army which attacked Ajna’s village, voiced by Benjamin Diskin
  • Ravannavar, Dhar’s boss and the warlord, voiced by Michael Dorn
  • Deva Thorani, Ajna’s rescuer who later sacrifices himself whose voice is by Zehra Fazal
  • Angwu, Indr’s former companion who was there during the first battle with Kala featuring the voice of Laura Patalano

Cancellation of the game: Indivisible

Indivisible’s production stopped last month, and the news is by the publisher of the game, 505 Games. A group of former developers of Lab Zero Games formed a co-op studio known as Future Club. Future Club started in the second half of September 2020 after the disbanding of Lab Zero Games. 505 Games issued an official statement regarding Indivisible, and the announcement is accessible on Twitter as there is a tweet on Indivisible’s Twitter handle which is here for you to read.

The game received overall favourable ratings on different review platforms. According to Metacritic the PC version of the game got 78 out of 100, Playstation 4 version received the rating of 77 out of 100, and the Xbox One version got 87 out of 100. Indivisible gained acknowledgement for its music, animation and display by the players. Till now, there is no reason revealed about the dissolution of developing company Lab Zero Game. 505 Game is trying to make it up to the gamers by introducing new games shortly for Nintendo Switch users. For more such informative articles and latest updates stay tuned to us. If you are a game enthusiast, then read another article by me about Baldur’s Gate 3.