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Google Assistant announced to be upgraded to access and interact with 3rd party applications now.

A fantastic part of artificial intelligence is Google assistant developed by Google. Releasing initially in 2016, the assistant has proven to be very fun to use. From mobiles to smart home devices, the conversation with the assistant has always made small tasks quick and easy. From searching on the Internet to scheduling your alarms assistant has done everything ever since its launch and got also developed to do more. Just talk and done. Your task of opening certain apps, including camera and searching online for something gets done efficiently. Google always tries to impress its users for sure and to make the assistant more user-friendly some new additions got made. The additions which will make it more easy and exciting to use.

Voice commands support: Assistant interacts to 3rd party apps.

To make the assistant more upgraded, Google has come up with this amazing idea to access 3rd party apps. For so many years now people are using assistant just to set alarms or open their camera. So Google came up with something that is going to make it more useful. Several renownedly used smartphone apps which includes Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Spotify and more can get accessed. For example, if you wish to post something on Instagram, then go for the assistant’s help. It will now not only allow you to open the apps but you will legit access them. More apps that got included in the list are Discord, Uber, Postmates, Gmail, Youtube and whatnot.  

Full accessing: Assistant interacts to 3rd party apps. 

Google Assistant has not lost its touch. There is no requirement of special guidelines or instructions to go through for accessing apps via the assistant. You will be similarly using those apps as you used to open them. For example, if you want to check the latest news on Twitter, do it simply via the assistant. You only have to say “Hey Goggle check latest Twitter news” or any specific news you want to check, and it will do. You will get what you want without you opening the app. Well hats-off to Google for the amazing feature. Now you can fully access your special applications.

Requirements needed: Assistant interacts to 3rd party apps. 

The only requirement is to have the app already installed on your phone. Google Assitant always has and will still directly link to the application, website or any platform you ask. So without installing the platform/application, it will not work. Well, of course, the assistant works on android devices, so you have to install Twitter from play store to access it. According to Google, they specified to let assistant access the top 30 most-used apps. These top 30 apps will get chosen from the play store. Well if everything works fine and no issues will get found then Goggle is planning to add more apps. Artificial intelligence with such user-friendly features is remarkable and appreciable for sure. So from checking emails to navigation and from seeing shortcuts to sending messages all done. Best Upgraded feature yet and more upgrading features to come by Google.

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