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Get a Closer look on Sony’s PlayStation 5, Games and Hardware, Video on Japanese YouTube Channels.

Sony’s upcoming video interactive console, PlayStation 5 is all set for a global release next month. PlayStation 5 will release on 12 November 2020 for Japan, North America, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Later after a week on 19 November 2020 for the rest of the world. Sony revealed a closer look at the next-generation console through Japanese publications and YouTube Channels. The videos on YouTube shows the unbeatable gameplay and attractive hardware, but there is nothing about the UI.

Hardware: Sony PlayStation 5

For those who do not know, in modern history, Playstation 5 is the biggest console ever. If we place the console horizontally, then it would require quite a space while if set vertically, then it has got some height. There are some detailed images of the console hardware by the publishers. 4gamers published pictures of the console standing with the help of its stand in either position. There is some news about how the console cools by itself, and 4gamers was not able to feel the heat exhaustion from the console during the time it had with PlayStation 5.

A picture shows a hidden silver bolt inside the PlayStation 5 in the top right section. The console will have expandable storage if the user inserts an SSD Drive. The silver latch seems connected with the SSD insertion, but Sony has not confirmed that. Sony has included a microphone and USB-C in the hardware. There is a significant change in the DualSense controller of the console resulting in the button X instead of O. The dual sense controllers have colourful LEDs.

Gameplay: Sony Playstation 5

The videos uploaded till now mostly focus on the gameplay of the console rather than the hardware. The gameplay seems pretty luring in PlayStation 5 due to the triggers present in the controller for adaption and resistance. As we have seen several times earlier this time too, Sony used the game Astro’s Playroom to highlight the features of the controller. Some videos also have the gameplay of Godfall and Balan Wonderworld. All the games mentioned above works swiftly on the console. However, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart might have been the better choice for the demonstrations. Neither of the videos goes deep enough to tell about the load time of games or the SSD performance. There is not even a glimpse about UI and dashboards, which is disappointing. Watch the video below to know how does PlayStation 5 do in the gameplay.

More Updates: Sony Playstation 5

PS5 UI is a mystery, but Sony will fully redesign PS5 dashboard with “no pixel untouched”. We still have a lot of queries about the PlayStation 5 which Sony has yet to answer. The expandable memory, dashboard and PS5’s compatibility with PS4 games are some topics that are untouched in these previews.  Sony has about a month to reveal some more updates about the console before its launch. Let us just hope to at least get a few glimpses about the UI and expandable memory feature of the PlayStation 5 before its release next month. If you enjoyed reading this article, then follow up for my other article on Apple iPad 8.