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Arizona Voters Registration, Procedure, Deadline and Everything that you need to know about the Voting.

A southwestern state of the U.S, Arizona has a total population of 7.8 lakhs( in 2019). Phoenix being the capital, this is one of the safest districts in the U.S. to live. Arizona is going to held elections soon. There are some things one need to keep in mind for Arizona Voters Registration. So take a few minutes to read the article and get a bounty of information on the topic.

Qualifications: Arizona Voters Registration

Not only the United States but also other democratic countries have set a benchmark for its citizens to be eligible for voting in local, state, country or federal elections. For someone who wants to be a voter in Arizona General Elections, he or she must qualify the below listed:

  • One should be a citizen of Arizona, United States
  • The person should be at least 18 years old before or on the day of elections
  • He or she should have no record about a felony or treason conviction
  • The person should know how to write their names or at least how to make a mark for themselves

Procedure: Arizona Voters Registration

A person can register for voting in Arizona General Elections in both online and offline (via mail, in-person)way. Here are some pointers for doing so:

Online: A person who wants to register themselves as a voter online, he or she has to do it through a website, Service Arizona EZ Voter Registration. The person needs an Arizona Driver License or a non-operating Arizona I.D. card that is issued by Motor Vehicle Division(MVD). To register yourself follow the steps given below:

  1.  Log in to Service Arizona
  2. Click on “Begin Voter Registration” after selecting the language of preference
  3. Fill the details to verify the eligibility for being a voter
  4. Enter the details required in the fields
  5. Confirm your address details by entering data
  6. Select the party of preference.

Offline: There are two ways to register in an offline manner, mailing or in-person.

  1. By Mail: If you have trouble while applying online for registration, then you can print off the registration form or ask your County Recorder to send it via mail to you. Then fill it up and send it to County Recorder’s Office through a mail.
  2. In-Person: A person can also visit the County Recorder Office and fill the form there and submit it.

Once you have successfully registered yourself to vote, then you will receive a voter registration card in around 4-6 weeks through the mail.

Deadline: Arizona Voters Registration

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there were some problems with registering voters for the upcoming elections. Two non-profits organisations of Arizona, Mi Familia Vota and Arizona Coalition for Change sued Arizona Secretary of State, Katie Hobbs for neglecting the difficulties while registering the voters. The court extended the deadline for the registration till October 23, 5 p.m. However, Katie Hobbs seems not to appeal to the court decision based on a Twitter post.

The federal judge ordered to extend the deadline for registration, so make sure to go through the article and use the official links for the purpose. If you find this article helpful and want more such items and the latest updates, then stay tuned!