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Donald Trump, President with most conspiracy, check every details you now need to know about him!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump holds a rally with supporters in Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S. September 28, 2016. (Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The complexity of American politics is not new to the world. Politicians in the pace of winning election cross limits and made decisions affecting the whole world. Nothing is unique to the world when news comes up of any American politician leader involving in any kind of conspiracy. But the current president of America Donald Trump tops the list in the number of conspiracy made by any American President. In his Presidency duration as American President Donald Trump has always been involved in some or other kind of cooperation. Let’s take a look in his four years span of Donald Trump and some famous collaboration by him.

About: Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the current ruling president of America is the 45th president of the United States. The 74-year-old US President was born on June 14 1946. Before joining politics, Trump was a very successful businessman and Television personality. Donald Trump supports democratic and is supposed to be a pure Nationalist. Donald Trump is married to model Ravana and has three children. Donald Trump is living in the White House since 2016. His winning the election was also filled with conspiracy. Apart from politics, Trump is a businessman with a bet worth of 200 million dollars.

Latest conspiracy: Donald Trump

America is the second greatest coronavirus hub in the world. Americans are being infected and are losing their life due to this coronavirus. Many top personalities are not safe from the novel coronavirus. But there was a sensation in national media when the news broke out about Donald Trump, and Ivanka tested positive for coronavirus. Things become fishy when the information was not made public regarding the president report. Slowly, and the steady question was raised about the reality of Trump corona positive test. Rumours were made about the diagnosis of his coronavirus diagnosis. Reporter, critic and opposition waste no time to raise questions. The opposition claimed Donald Trump uses his fake corona positive news a diversion and to slow down the pace on ongoing, upcoming elections.

Top conspiracy during the presidency: Donald Trump

Here is the list of the top conspiracy regarding Donal Trump four year as a president of the United States. The is a strong rumour in the air that organises his fake Coronavirus conspiracy to promote the use of hydroxychloroquine. Trump will show himself recovering fast with the help the medicine. There is nothing wrong with Donald Trump getting infected with the coronavirus but the timing of being infected mad all the issue. It is predicted that Trump knowingly gets himself infected so that he comes with a brand new coronavirus vaccine just before the election, and could manipulate the result. Even after when Trump wins the election of 2016, complain were files, against him charging manipulation of the effects of the election.

Review by the republic of the United States: Donald Trump

With the wining of the election in 2016, there was a great protest against Trump. The protest followed days after the result. Donald Trump relation with the media house of America is always not in his good health. There are numerous events where Trump could be involved in small debates. Donald Trump is a pure nationalist, has always provided an edge to him, gathering many supporters. During these years, Trump has gained as well as lose many supporters.

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