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Celebrities got naked on social media to promote vote by mail and warn naked ballot voting.

Many new initiatives were taken by celebrities all over the work to generate awareness among the people. But this time things are not usually as is it. Numerous famous personalities in the United States have gone naked to promote voting by mail. The election is going to be held in the United States, celebrities and renowned personality; there have chosen social media or another online platform to encourage their people to come outside and have pole their vote. 2020 election has brought some new way of voting called “vote by mail”, many celebrities come naked on social media to promote open voting by mail. Let’s check what more you have missed.

Celebrities support: Vote by mail.

Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Tiffany Haddish, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Glad and Sarah Silverman make their way to social media to promote voting and support for a vote by mail and warned their follower about naked ballet. The remark made by them is as follows.

Sarah Silverman took Twitter to made her statement “And if you don’t do exactly what I tell you, your ballot could get thrown out,”

Naked Chelsea Handler starts his video message by “I am here to talk about voting”. Ryan Bathe remarks, did you know ballots could be naked?. Many celebrities also mention Pennsylvania unique and different rule to cast their vote.

New Rule: Vote by mail

Due to this ongoing coronavirus pandemic, nothing could be held the way they were done before. Election to be held in America, but rules could not be as standard as they were back. New rule vote by mail, about three-quarters of the total population of America, could be eligible for this rule. The rule is temporarily and could be changed in future as the situation goes normal. The coronavirus abnormalities are responsible for the change. There would be a paper ballot on which voter could cast there vote and the mail it.

Pennsylvania different rule: Vote by mail

The Coronavirus pandemic led to change in every standard rule that was before. Things have changed about the virus in 2020. Vote by mail is the new change in the American elections, but the rules are slightly different in Pennsylvania state of United States. People in Pennsylvania will get two ballot paper instead of one. Many other celebrities also mentioned this on their video about the new and different rule of Pennsylvania voting system. 

Republic responds: Vote for mail.

Fans are super excited to see their stars making such an extraordinary effort to generate awareness among them—the unique and different technique used by favourite celebrities, also enthusiastic fans all over the world. Many people found it awkward. While the stars also face some controversies regarding the way used. Overall it is seen as a good initiative by them to generate awareness among the users for voting. Despite many critics, the moto behind the step was healthy and received a positive response from the republic.

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