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O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy, Documentary by ‘Investigation Discovery’, Get Every Detail you want to Know.

A murder case of 1994 is famous as “Trail of The Century”. Those who don’t know about it, then you are in the right place. The murderer brutally took the life of  Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. O.J.Simpson, the ex-husband of Nicole Brown Simpson got into a trail for these murders. This case featured in several films and documentaries. One more documentary by Investigation Discovery  entitled as O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy featuring this murder is on its way for the viewers.

Plot: O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy

Till date, every documentary on the case tells us about the trails featured by the media. Investigation Discovery is featuring the case with a different and crucial point of view. O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy focuses on the victim, Nicole Brown Simpson’s perspective. This documentary will tell us about how a woman struggled throughout her marriage and that too in her own words. The film will feature the personal dairy of Nicole Brown Simpson and the views of her close friends and family on her. This time we will encounter the famous American murder case, not for the brutal crime scene but for commemorating the victim Nicole Brown Simpson. On the 25th anniversary of the verdict, Investigation Discovery will retell the story we all know but in an unexpected way.

Voices we might hear: O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy

Investigation Discovery (ID) will feature the views of Nicole’s friends and family about her. Tanya Brown, Nicole Brown’s younger sister, will be one of the people to voice her thoughts about her late sister. Nicole’s best friend, Robin Greer, will also share his views. Some other people whom we hear are Ron Shipp ( Nicole’s close family friend), David Gascon, Bill Heider, John Edwards as well as other officials who took part in the investigation. Viewers can also hear some members of the law enforcement team and legal counsel voicing their views on the case.

More Details: O.J. & Nicole: An American Tragedy

The documentary is around two hours long and includes some archival footage, exclusive interviews with the closed ones and Nicole’s journals. All these traces Nicole’s journey to Los Angeles, as to how she met O.J. Simpson, their romantic relationship and marriage and later the events which cause her death in Brentwood. Throughout her marriage, she got treated as an accessory for O.J. Simpson, and even her death was an accessory during his trial. Some family videos and the threatening phone calls Nicole received a few weeks before her death also got featured in the documentary.

This case left us with an unforgettable impact. The woman who deserved to live till a ripe old age receives a brutal climax. This documentary film is the best way to commemorate the struggles; Nicole Brown Simpson went through. However, the trails, the evidence and the debates in the courtroom will always be there to remind us about the brutality of humankind. If you think that the article was informative and would like more like it, then follow up for my next article on Cardi B.