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John Patrick Daly makes an amazing Hole-in-one shot at a charity event organized in the Federal Club!

John Patrick Daly is a very renowned golfer known for his driving distance of the tee. Because of his incredible golfing skills, the American professional golfer gets also known as Long John. The legend is known for his non-country club appearance and cherishing style. His techniques of the long backswing, exceptional performances and of course the beloved golfer have a huge fan following. John Daly has won several pro events all around the world, including South Africa, Germany, South Korea and much more. He became the first PGA Tour player to achieve 300 yards in the entire season. Well, this continued the following next year and went on until 2008. Until 2003 he was to the only player to hold the record for sure.

Amazing shot made barefoot: Hole-in-one

The legendary 54-year-old player indeed still knows to be the centre of attraction and win over millions of hearts. The multi-talented golfer gets described in golden letters in the entire gaming history. The legend is fighting with bladder cancer currently, but it is indeed appreciable that he knows to enjoy his life. We get to see his awesomeness via the charity event organized at the Federal Club in Glen Allen. Virginia got to see the golfer showing his amazing shot that too barefoot. Thankfully we got to see the magic, and the credits go to Josh Price.

Daly steals the show: Hole-in-one

The charity event got organized to help families of fallen Navy seals, and indeed our hero increased the shine of the event. Daly was playing in bone frog open at th event Josh was usually filming and caught the epic moment thankfully. He shot on par-3 that too 11th hole. The hole is 121 yards long from tees. Well, the audience was shocked by the fantastic moment. Daly received huge cheers and claps. It took some time for Daly to dissolve the amazing shot he made and was a step taken back when he heard everyone screaming around him. Indeed the legend still got all the skills in him.

Josh Price on the shot: Hole-in-one

Josh price posted on his social media account and tagged a line with the post saying that he witnessed John Daly while making a hole-in-one today at a charity event organized at his golf course. Well, the viewers who watched the video indeed wished to see the epic moment in live to0. Making such a fantastic shot so casually that too barefoot is indeed something which does not happen every day.

John made it clear that he was thrilled with the shot, and he was more than he was successful in getting it in his camera. In the video, we go to see not only th shots but our hero’s reaction was so mind-blowing after getting the shot. Fans have been wishing ever since to see more of his awesomeness. We all also hope that the renowned golfer gets healthy soon. Our hero well is an outstanding fighter and is trying to quit smoking too.

Check out the fantastic shot here-

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