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Jeannie Mai says she would like to submit to her man Jeezy after they get married!

Jeannie Camtu Mai is the beloved famous American television host and social media influencer for her impressive looks. The fantastic fashion expert got her fame from the show. How do I look? And ever since is ruling several social media platforms. Known for her excellent fashion sense and the extreme beautiful makeovers that she does, Jeannie has always been trendy. When she was 18, she started her career as a makeup artist and ever since has been shocking the industry from her talent. She initially got married to Freddy Harteis in August 2007 but later split up. The couple got a divorce in 2018, and from 2019 she started dating the famous rapper Jeezy. Well, the cute couple had many shippers too, and on April 6 of this year, they officially announced their engagement.

I want to submit: Jeannie Mai wants Jeezy to lead.

The cherished stylist spoke about her personal life and upcoming future with he fiance Jezzy. As the couple has engaged now, they are already thinking about their marriage life. On September 7, Wednesday she was talking about her upcoming bright future and made a statement in her upcoming marriage journey she wants to submit to her man. Jeannie Mai is a powerful and independent woman got never expected to say something like this regarding her personal/marriage life. After listening to her explanation further based on her past experiences, it seems that the gorgeous host has chosen wisely and is planning to be a good wife.

Jeannie’s explanation: Jeannie Mai wants Jeezy to lead 

The makeover artist went on further explaining about her statement. She said that although she is a very dominant woman and handles everything alone, she wants her marriage life to be guided by her soon to be husband Jeezy. Well, by letting her fiance lead her marriage an household life, she does not mean that she is going to listen to whatever her husband says quietly. She stated she would not know let her husband make all the decisions and not give her input. She said, “it does not mean that when he says, ‘How are we spending our money?’ or ‘Where are we moving?’ that I say, ‘Yes, sir’ or ‘Yes, your honour,’ Like, it’s not that.” She continues by giving an example that “It’s a, ‘You know what? We would do best here, I want to do this, and he takes the decision.”

The reason behind her decision: Jeannie Mai wants Jeezy to lead 

She wants her man to guide their marriage life as she gets tired by making all decisions. The change will bring more shine, and she believes this structure of marriage. She has seen in her childhood that her mom used to make all the decisions and lead their family. It went on to such a great extent that after some time, her dad had no contribution to her decisions. It led to many issues. The famous personality said she might have her mom’s tendency in her and follow up what she saw in her entire childhood. To avoid such inequality between a husband and wife, she thinks this decision is right for her and the marriage. 

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