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If Donald Trump got Fired, YouTuber Randy Rainbow makes a controversial video, Read to know.

The USA is heated up currently with the upcoming President Elections. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton from The republic and The Democrats respectively stood in the previous elections: Donald Trump gained 304 votes, and Hillary Clinton got 227 votes. It was a devastating result to netizens as all of them knew the potential of Donald Trump. The elections created history with a recounting session of the votes as no one believed that Trump gained a majority. Later it was found that there was an interference of the Russian government in the electoral process, which probably raised the majority of Donald Trump. The presidential elections will take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020. This time, citizens are spreading awareness among netizens about the future of America if Trump gets to sit on the throne again. As a part of this, a YouTuber has posted a video featuring a video on “If Trump got fired” trough his youtube channel, Randy Rainbow.

Overview of Donald Trump’s administration:

The news of Trump winning the elections came out as a shock to citizens. The day after Trump’s inauguration, there were supportive events and “Women’s Marches” held in various cities across the United States and other abroad countries supporting gender and racial equality and other matters. There were about 3.3M to 4.6 M people who came down to roads and protested against Trump’s presidency and claimed it to be fake news.  The protest went on until Clinton and her people arranged for a re-counting session and found out that the Trump taking over the presidency is real. The citizens were helpless, and they were eagerly waiting for the next elections to kick him out of the Presidentship. Controversies were surpassing the initial days of his presidency were filled with arguments. He did satisfy all the demands he claimed to recover in his campaign as his first step. Some of the initiatives taken by Trump under his presidency were ICE enforcement and removal operations, “repeal and replacement” persuasion of Obamacare, Travel Ban, failure of the skinny repeal, John McCain’s opposition and many more. His rule didn’t satisfy the majority of the citizens, and they want to see some other leader other than Trump.

Randy Rainbow: 

Randy Rainbow is a Youtube channel owned by the famous American Comedian and Singer, Randy Stewart Rainbow. The track is renowned for scoop videos of interviews of renowned television and political personalities. Rainbow’s creativity is exceptional, and his content is surreal. He is well-known for his show The Randy Rainbow show which gained the highest TRP when aired. He has released an album song called Hey Gurl; It’s Christmas!

If Trump got fired:

Randy, in his latest video, invited the Tonny winning actress, Patti LuPone and created a video with a song on “If Trump got fired”. He stressed on the benefits and the future of America if trump wouldn’t reign the Presidency in 2020. He created awareness among the citizens to rethink twice before casting their vote in the ballot on November 3rd, 2020. The song has received appreciations across the world. Do check out the video in the link below:

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