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Buzzy of Broadway play shut down, Read on to know the reaction of people and more.

The global epidemic has become the biggest problem for everyone, and the catastrophe has resulted in massive grade destruction to many people out there. It has thrown the majority of netizens under the bus. While the billionaires are growing to become trillionaires, common people are facing it difficult to have one time meal. There are no jobs, and there is no comfort in living, many of them are staying at home and searching for new jobs, etc. In one or the other way, the pandemic has hit worse to many of them. Medical professionals and Media workers are risking their lives and going to their works. It is indeed acceptable that this Pandemic is the worst-hit catastrophe to a large population. Among them, theatre artists are facing a massive loss in New York.

New York theatres: 

New York, famous for theatres, filming and acting institutes, is one of the worst-hit sectors due to the covid. It was unbelievable that there would be an outbreak following which the lockdown occurred and now when there is a tremendous amount of raise in the cases, many sectors are lifting their lockdowns to support the economy. Though it isn’t the right decision, it is the only choice left. When the USA announced lockdown, New York followed the protocol and shut its theatres for two weeks. The reason for choosing 2 weeks was that they predicted the lockdown to be lifted early and to see the end of this pandemic. New York is famous for theatres and people, aspiring to become actors come from different parts of the world to make their dreams real. There are regular showtimes played in those theatres and audience pay visit at least once a week. It is unfortunate to acknowledge that after the lockdown, the theatres are slowly getting outraged.

New York Theatres lockdown:

Lets us consider one theatre to exemplify the situation of New York theatres. Playwrights Horizons is one of the famous theatres in New York. The play “Selling Kabul” was under rehearsals when the news of lockdown emerged. The actors and other crew, technicians and everyone else packed their bags and returned to their houses on order for two weeks hoping they could return after two weeks. They rehearsed through zoom calls thinking it would resume in a few weeks. But the play got cancelled. They never imagined it to take, months together for the lockdown. They never knew that this would end their acting and theatre career. Some of the actors went into mental distress and consulted therapists. Some didn’t know what to do next in the future as the only thing they knew was theatre and some just started taking up some small jobs to meet their family conditions. It is unfortunate to acknowledge that many aspiring actors had to end their dreams of growing to become a good actor.

New York Theatre’s people today:

Marjan Neshat, one of the actors from the“Selling Kabul,”  started teaching through online class for the New School for Social Research. She says she got stuck for a few weeks about her future but somehow managed to get back into the track. Fatimah Amill, the assistant stage manager, planned to join the community groups which fight for food insecurity in Upper Manhattan as she lives there. Many other actors and crew members have taken up similar works as a substitute for their acting career. But they are not going to give them up, and we may see them shining again. The casts have zoom calls as a get-together.


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