Universal Music Group to take up a 1.2 billion dollars project check every details you need to know about it!

In the list of skyscrapers and grand building, one more name is going to be added. This time Biloxi is going to witness one of the best musical architecture in the world. The universal music group has chosen in Biloxi for a 1.2 billion dollar project which is a hotel cum Resort with the performance venue and immersive architectural design. The versatile music group has put their hands into the real estate and hospitality business and are getting into the market with three new projects. The preferred destination for the project is Biloxi, Orland and  Atlanta. The luxury hotel in Biloxi got the eyes of everyone, and it is one of the costliest projects. Let us see what you have missed until now.

About Biloxi project: Universal Music Group

The universal musical group has come up with a plan of a top-notch luxury resort with stunning architectural design. The group has put forward a very high budget of 1.2 billion dollars. The idea is to transform one of the hotels into an old Broadband Resort. The Universal music group has got the full support of the local government. The governor of Biloxi City claimed that music is in the blood of Biloxi. The upcoming Universal music group project will benefit the people of Biloxi and nearby, and it is capable of changing the way concert was held.

Biloxi project specification: Universal music group

The company is planning to use an area of 266 acres for the hotel. The resort will be accomplished with full facilities one could imagine. Things that could be easily found in resorts are a casino, a golf course, a marina and a hotel. Of course, the resort contains all musical facilities. The government has welcomed the upcoming project and wishes it would bring prosperity, employment, new job opportunities and a massive amount of revenue for Mississippi. As already stated, it is a high budget project with a cost of 1.2 billion dollars.

Collaborated project: Universal Music Group

The Universal music group is a well known pronounced multinational company. It umbrellas big companies such as Def Jam Recording, Capital Recording, Abbey Road Studios. The company is currently holding three projects like Broadwater Resort. But the Broadwater Resort project of Biloxi is in collaboration with Dakia U-venture LLC. Rover Lavia is the current chairman of Dakia U-venture LLC. Rover said with the help of this, a project they are going to build new ways for music lovers and redefine the old concerts. Lavia said there is a transfer of culture, creativity through collaboration. He is super excited to collaborate with Universal Music Group for this project.

Eye-catching project: Universal Music Group

From the very beginning with the announcement of the project by Universal Music Group, it comes into the headline. Internet is full of articles about the project. One thing that attracts the most is the cost involved in the project. A total sum of 1.2 billion dollars is going to be invested in this project. Let’s hope for the best for the upcoming Broadwater Resort.

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