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3D XPoint non volatile memory Technology by Intel and Micron: Specs, Contents and Details of Market Report

Intel and Micron jointly developed a technology for non-volatile phase-change memory and storage known as 3D XPoint. The announcement of the technology was in July 2015. 3D XPoint is available under the brand names Optane (by Intel) and QuantX (by Micron). The initial prices of the non-volatile memory are less than any other Dynamic Random Access Memory ( abbreviated as DRAM). 3D XPoint possesses several distinct characteristics when compared to any additional non-volatile Random Access Memory. The 3D XPoint received a lukewarm reception in the introductory phase, but later on, the Optane version by Intel gained a recognition.

Specs: 3D XPoint Technology:

3D XPoint is a unique non-volatile memory technology with multiple specs in terms of performance and reliability.

  • Sequential Read is up to 900Mb/s
  • Sequential Write is up to 145Mb/s
  • 190000 IOPS random reading in 8GB capacity
  • 35000 IOPS random writing in 8GB capacity
  • Latency reading eight micro-sec
  • Latency writing thirty micro-sec
  • 3.5 Watts of power requirement in an active state
  • 1 Watt of power consumption in idle state
  • 5-800 Hertz of vibration while operating and non-operating
  • Operating temperature range is 0°C to 7°C
  • 182.5 TB of endurance rating or writing capacity
  • Five years of warranty

Contents of Market Report: 3D XPoint Technology:

The market report focuses on marketing strategies, growth of key players and the current state of significant drivers. Research and Development of the product and the achievements in the market makes up a crucial point in the marketing report. The sturdy of responses on the newly launched products and the competition it causes in the markets both local and international is also an essential thing for a perfect market report. The adjacent pie chart represents the marketing of 3D XPoint in specific geographical regions around the world. Here the values are kept confidential, so it is as XX on the map.


Details of Market Report: 3D XPoint Technology:

In the market report, Laboratory, Industrial use and Public Service are the essential parts of the research survey. The projected market and history, along with the annual growth rate in the market, is undoubtedly a part of the report. If we take a geographical look, then the information consists of critical regions with the production, consumption, revenue and market growth of 3D XPoint is concerned. The marketing strategy also looks into the import and export policies as they have a direct impact. For every market enthusiast, policymaker, investor, and player, this market report on Global 3D XPoint Technology matters a lot.

The initial generations of 3D XPoint memories were not as fast and useful as the present 2019 generation. The market growth of the 3F XPoint non volatile memory technology over the years is remarkable. Intel’s Optane is presently not available as they stopped the production in 2017 when Micron launched QuantX. The technology gained popularity and market trust gradually after its lukewarm welcome in the tech world. If you enjoyed reading this article and want further updates and new content, then stay tuned! However, if you are a technology enthusiast then follow up with my next article on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3.