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Star Wars: Squadrons, fan reviews and Everything a Star War fan must know about the gameplay.

Motive Studios developed a space combat game “Star Wars: Squadrons” set in the Star Wars Universe. James Clement designed the game, and Electronic Arts published it. This single-player, multiplayer game released on 2 October 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Star Wars: Squadrons features one single-player(story) and two multiplayer modes(dogfight and Fleet Battles). The game is also pocket friendly at the price of $40. Let us take a look at the reviews by different review aggregator websites about the gameplay.

Early Reviews: “Star Wars: Squadrons”

The early reviews on the game are positive in an overall manner from paise worthy visuals to blood gushing actions. Edmond Tran from Gamespot noted that the game has a small story(single player mode) which will leave the players to itch for more. The mechanics and locales of the game are exhilarating, which makes your experience better. The story mode helps the user to get familiar with the operations and understand the UI, which later proves to be good while playing with multiple players.

Reviews from Different Websites: “Star Wars: Squadrons”

PCGamesN: This review aggregator website has a rating of 9 out of 10 for “Star Wars: Squadrons”. Ian Boudreau described the game as the game has the best first impression on the user. The visuals are fantastic with highly demanding technicalities. With time the game is going to set a benchmark, and anyone who dreams of being an X-wing pilot should give it a go.

Game Informer: “Star Wars: Squadrons” has a rating of 8.3 out of 10 on this review aggregator website. Andrew Reiner of Game Informer said that the multiple player mode of the game alone is worth the price as it impressed him a lot. Thinking to defeat the opponents with other players within the cockpit seems to be a great skill test and challenging. He also said that this game is a lot different from the other competitive games out there.

VG247: This review aggregator has a rating of 4 out of 5 for “Star Wars: Squadrons”. Alex Donaldson from VG247 finds it challenging to criticise such a marvellous gaming package. He said that the game does very well in what it is supposed to do. Being the Star Wars smallest scale console, it is also the best. However, the Fleet Battles seem listless and long and need a bit more content.

Polygon: There is no rating for the game on the website, but the reviews here are worth mentioning.  Charlie Hall of Polygon interpreted the game to be a full treat for the players. He wrote that if one has a TV set and a controller, then they can effortlessly have a good time with the game. And if with any luck one possess a throttle, rudder pedals, stick and VR then he is never going to return to this dull world.

Pointers: “Star Wars: Squadrons”

Here are some tips for the players so that they can have a complete experience of the game:

  • Never standstill during the game as it is about space wars
  • Choose wisely from the given four starfighters, know what is best for you
  • Run through the time obstacle courses to practice
  • Get a grip on power distribution of your aircraft
  • Keep a note to avoid overcharging
  • Keep an eye on focusing shield and learn to balance them
  • Avoid being tracked, and yes you can evade a missile

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