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Shalala corrects Spicer on HIPAA: ‘I should know, I wrote it’: Read on to know more.

White House spokesman Sean Spicer takes questions during his press briefing at the White House in Washington, DC, U.S. January 30, 2017. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

The present global pandemic has put everyone’s life into difficulty.  It was completely unexpected that something like this pandemic would hit and become an outbreak. People from different professions and sectors are facing a crisis and challenging to live. The epidemic has hit the white house also.  Many reporters are risking their lives to telecast the daily updates to the netizens. Recently, a piece of news from the former White House Secretary Donna Shalala and Sean Spicer. There was a matter of conflict between them a few days ago. The conflict raised on the HIPAA rules and regulations.

White House Connection:

The issue raised after the latest person from White House tested positive for the covid-19. The Covid 19 has changed the state of the USA and has made the country stand at the top position for most hit country from this pandemic. The pandemic has created great distress among the general public resulting in various damages to the netizens. Sean Spicer, former Secretary of the White House, tweeted a post stating that a few days ago one person from the white house tested positive to the covid 19 viruses. Revealing the name of the person results in going against the HIPAA rules and regulations. This tweet streamed on Twitter and stood as top news for quite a while. There was a quick reply from Donna Shalala, former secretary of the White House. Their tweets have surfaced the net and stood trending for some time.

Shalala’s Tweet:

After Sean Spicer tweeted his tweet, Donna Shalala gave a terrific reply with her tweet. She stated that she created the rules and bylaws of HIPAA. It makes it clear that Shalala wanted to specify that the laws or bylaws of HIPAA won’t have any power to hide the name of the person in any news. There is no confirmation as to why did Sean post the tweet and mentioned that the HIPAA rules wouldn’t agree to reveal the name. It didn’t create havoc or issue, but the reply was strong. The secretary should have accurate information and awareness about the bylaws, rules and other official stuff. But Sean seems to be a bit outdated. From these tweets, the general public or netizens were aware of the law of HIPAA, stating there is no barrier for mentioning any person name publicly at times.


HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Probability and Accountability act of 1966. It’s a government’s law which creates the national standards for protecting the national averages. The primary intension behind the act was to protect the sensitive patient’s health information from getting disclosed. It accounts to use of any personal information without the knowledge of the person or patient. The tweets between Shalala and Spicer went on this particular point. When Spicer tweeted stating revealing the name of the patient publicly accounts to malpractice by HIPAA, Shalala retweeted saying that she drafted the HIPAA bylaws indicating that spicer didn’t have a word to put in.


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