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CBS reporter says it’s ‘safer reporting in North Korea’ than at White House, Read on to know more updates

The present global pandemic has created havoc for every sector of survival.  An unexpected situation leading to a crisis everywhere has featured in today’s time. Many public, private, government, self-reliant workers and business people have faced a drastic fall in their works. A massive shoutout to all the medical workers who are sacrificing their lives and, are working amidst the pandemic. Among these, the media workers are striving to reach the news to the public. Now, when everyone is afraid to step out, media reporters are risking their lives and travelling around the world and updating the people with the essential news. There are speculations among the reporters in the USA stating they are feeling it safe to work in North Korea than in the White House.

White House

White House Current Situation:

The USA has stood as the worst-hit country for the global pandemic. The Covid catastrophe has gotten worse since its outbreak. Many residents of the USA have completely sealed themselves in their own houses. But, the media workers and News reporters are risking their lives. Parallelly, elections are going on in the USA, and the need for news and media has become surreal. Recently,  we all know that Donald Trump, the president of the USA, tested positive for Covid 19 and has been hospitalised. It shows the nature of spread this virus has. After President testing positive, there are around 2-3 people from the white house who have tested positive for this virus. It comes out two days after Trump tested positive. Amidst this, the news reporters are staying in the white house to cover all the updates regarding the upcoming presidential elections. There are at least 1 to 2 cases coming out of the white house from past a few weeks.

CBS Reporter’s views:

Among the reporters, the reporters from CBS have claimed that they are feeling safe to report from North Korea than from the white house. We all know the strictness and discipline followed in North Korea, the reporters are claiming that to be safe, so this shows how worse the situation in the White House is. It’s gradually getting worse with days. They have shown their concern and fear of working in the white house. The staff at the white home are maintaining perfect hygiene and sanitisation with timely checkup and cleaning. But, amidst this, the case is raising rapidly.

The white house reporter’s works:

After finding the president himself testing positive, the staff has ordered the media staff to stay at the white house and finish their coverage. Other than this, various updates are going on regarding the president-elect and other matters. These works are restricting media workers from going to their houses. Nevertheless, the measures taken considered strictly, and the reporters take care, the fear amongst them made them state this. The reporters from the white house are anxious about their situation. They feel safe working in North Korea than in the white house through the rules and regulations. The pandemic has made everyone’s life challenging in the present times.


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