Castle Hills police officer chased a woman who was a drug suspect and later confirmed that she bought drugs.

On October 6, 2020, that is on Tuesday, a piece of very shocking news got revealed to the public. A woman got chased by police trying to escape from them. Around 2 a.m. in Texas, police officers from Castle Hills were tracking a drug deal to arrest the criminals. The deal was taking place at an apartment complex, and the officers were nearby to keep a close eye on the drug deal, and to catch the criminals red-handed. However, not everything went according to the plan by the officers.

Case information: Police chased drug suspect.

From our sources, we now know that the police officers got a call to reach near Vance Jackson Keller road. The location was already under suspicion of drug dealing and trafficking, so officers arrived at the spot. The officers were watching the dealers and the deal closely near the apartment at two in the morning. According to the report, they did smell potent marijuana from the complex’s apartment.

As the Castle Hills, police officers were taking a close look they watched a woman got spotted leaving the apartment. She noticed that she was being watched so hurriedly to her silver vehicle and started moving. The police found that the vehicle used by the woman got stolen before. The suspect noticed police was behind her, so she started speeding up. Officers started chasing around the area of McCullough Avenue and drew by crossing several red lights. By almost damaging, a baseball field and chasing went further towards Basse road.

Woman arrested: Police chased drug suspect.

Officers were entirely behind the suspect and were pretty much sure of getting evidence from her. Well if they could not get anything from her, she broke several rules set by the government and might have hurt someone due to her rash driving. Well, fortunately, no one was hurt by the women and neither she was hurt. The dangerous chase came to an end at a location near the West Avenue. The suspect was driving very harshly, which led puncturing of her vehicle’s tire. Luckily, police were able to track and chase her successfully. She got arrested that very moment by the Castle Hills police officers.

Further investigation: Police chased drug suspect.

When the officers were starting to check out her vehicle to their surprise, they found a massive amount of meth in her vehicle. The reports clearly said that the women’s vehicle got loaded with a massive amount of meth and paraphernalia in her car. On enquiring for the police officers came to know that they were suspecting correctly about the woman. She finally admitted to the police officers that she stopped by the apartment to get drugs. According to the laws, the woman will get charged for buying drugs and possessing a large number of drugs.

Along with that, she will indeed get charged for evading the arrest from the police officers. Thankfully, none got hit or caused any harm during the dangerous chase. As now it is confirmed about the apartment that there is drug dealings taking place police got a huge clue to work on the case. The investigation will get taken further to find all the criminals behind it.

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